Here Be Dragons (and Kobolds)

In recent months I’ve been feeling far more social than I have in ages and have cracked open my copy of Super Dungeon Explore as diabolical plans need time to come to fruition. The aim is to host people for board games, laughter and merriment. You know, general social stuffs.

I’ve been sitting on this since 2014! And only assembled 6 kobolds and the heroes. 3 of which were painted, the others were primed. They’ve been dunked into the drink (drowning the adventurers, good or bad DM behaviour?) and am waiting for the isopropyl to do its thing. In the meantime, I’ve assembled the rest of the box and am starting to paint things! PVC though is a weird material to paint, and trim mold lines off. It’s awfully rigid stuff too 😛

Did you know: 1 in 6 Kobolds suffers from impotency?

A spear: A -long-, -hard-, -shaft- of -wood- which is used with a -thrusting- movement to  -penetrate- an enemies defenses. Cue George Takei.

Gonna paint that one looking at his spear- a wizard’s obviously rubberized it lol. 3 different types of primer later, every baddie has been primed and I’ve sped paint all of the non-boss dragon mooks today. It was a rough week so I gave myself today off before delving into assessment tomorrow.


I’ve also got an expansion coming in the post and have eyes towards the Forgotten King expansion, but for now the plan is to paint everything then host people. Also need to practice a bit of stoicism, as work’s been getting me down and well, next week is also going to be rough. On the bright side, extra money for Death Guard (or more Super Dungeon Explore).

Have a good one,


Social media and MOAR ramblings

Since the peak of wargaming blogging around 2013, various other avenues to blog, display and talk about the hobby have taken off. Chief among these are facebook and instagram. Since I started Peddler of Magic in 2015, I’ve been rather ambivalent on promoting my site and this is partially to due to not wanting to try and get internet famous via the hobby. Seriously, there’s a bazillion commission artists out there for mini painting and likewise for bloggers too. I’m not in it for the likes, I’m just here to hobby and type words onto a screen because writing about it is fun.

Recently I’ve become a bit wary of facebook as a social media device. Right now I use it to keep infrequent contact with family and friends across the globe. Additionally I use it to organise gaming through my local gaming store (ok, it’s not local, but it’s where the Malifaux was at and I know the people there) and as a secondary source of memes (reddit being the primary source). I also run Peddler of Magic over there too, though that’s mainly to have an avenue to easily share photos without having to upload everything on my personal feed. In light of all that, I’m a little concerned about how pervasive social media is in our lives- does everything hobby-related have to happen on FB/insta/tumblr/etc?

Part of the reason I’ve been thinking about this is the migration to facebook from other platforms. I’m part of around 6-7 different groups and I’ve stopped following most as seeing the constant barrage of super high-end stuff (and regular stuff) put a big dent into my own hobbying. Another reason is technology/social media addiction. There’s been some alarming trends towards people on social media pretty much constantly. I’ll point out here that I find it a bit ironic that the people who warned us of spending too much time on video games are addicted to smartphones and their like.

I’m debating about whether I should retreat away from facebook and keep in touch with people via email, phoning, skype and such. One immediate issue I see with that is that it’ll be harder to organise games of 40k/malifaux in an already woefully lacking social life. On the other hand, I’m a bit over facebook as it seems to diminish social interaction- why bother chatting in person when you can browse their page to know what they’re up to. One other option would be to try and get just messenger as opposed to both facebook and messenger. I’ll be shutting down the FB version of Peddler of Magic as it’s a little bit of work to run that and here, plus the constant “Promote ur page by giving us monies fer fake leiks” tips gives me the shits.

That all sounds a bit negative, doesn’t it? In other news,I’m kinda on top of my game this semester as it’s just assignments galore and I’m at uni 2ish days (I could go Wednesday, but eh 3-6 lecture and work at 6:30? not happening lol). I feel fucking stoked to be in the final semester. Not only that, but I’ve been exercising consistently and started going to the gym again. It hasn’t paid dividends in physical changes yet, but I’m, for the first time since 2010, feeling super confident. Like, who’d have thought that replacing anxiety with confidence would make me feel better? Haha. The exercise has also offset any fatigue from night shift- sure it gets rough some nights, but I’ve more energy during the day. This is a good thing as energy = productivity, which Gets. Shit. Done.

Tying into all that is that I’ve also become far more social at uni and am talking to people, sitting in groups and being a well-rounded human being as opposed to being a ‘grumpy loner’. This also is paying dividends as there’s this girl who seems pretty interested in me ^_^ She’s pretty cool herself but I think I’ve missed a few windows to ask her out (but you can’t really in the middle of a lecture). Still, this week I’ve resolved to rectify that (not in the lecture though). Ha, I’ve nothing to lose. That’s another positive in my life thing in my life at the moment.

All in all, this year has been so much better than 2016 (as it was predicted) and is getting better. Once I get close to graduation, I’ll launch resumes and CVs everywhere for scientist jobs, even interstate. It’ll be a bloody melee with everyone graduating at the same time but I’m confident I’ll land something. Hopefully work will have something by November as I’d like to stay there but would like to use my degree more. I do need to get through this semester first though! I have around 5 major assessment pieces, 3 of which are 3,000 word assignments. They must Voltron into a thesis, or something, like a power rangers megazord.

Have a good one,


PS: I changed my profile pic and username as I wanted to leave the grumpy, anxious and antisocial me behind. Plus I’m ‘on’ again in my on/off relationship with MTG, so there’s that. White/Green FTW.

PPS: I’ve got rec leave off for an end-of semester costume party ( halloween themed), so ideas would be appreciated given that I need to budget and there’s a time constraint.

40k 8th- The Fate of Konor: Week 1- The invasion goes awry

Since my last game of 40k went well albeit with a noticeable absence of ranged firepower, my second game went pretty awry. I played 1250pts vs necrons and my opponent graciously gave campaign points to Chaos, ensuring that my FLGS is just Imperial controlled. Just. Had this game on the Sunday just gone and failed to invade properly. D’oh

My list was skewed too far towards being an elite force-

Lord of Contagion
Malignant Plaguecaster

Helbrute (Twin-las, Missile launcher)

7 Plague marines (plague-sword/PF, plasgun) In Rhino (2x combi bolters)
7 Plague marines (Plasma pistol/ PF, plasgun, blight-launcher) in Rhino (combi-flamer, havoc launcher)

Fast Attack:
Bloat Drone

Vs necrons including a monolith, command barge, cryptek, doomsday ark (the upside-down troop carrier), 3 tomb blades and some lychguard. The monolith, coupled with some flunked saves saw my dread go down to 2 wounds. I also forgot the ‘crazed’ rule which allows me to fire back upon losing wounds.

Basically I got rekt, and rekt hard. Ha. I made many a tactical blunder but I need to add in some cultists or some cheap fodder, given how pox walkers are cheap, but slow unless Typhus is present (but I’m not a fan of special characters). So I might trawl ebay or something for cultist squads (or try and kitbash some using GSC autoguns)

So the Micturators are piss-poor at invading Ultramar. Hopefully they’ll drip with enthusiasm in the next few weeks (and where the hell is their codex, I might add O.o )

40k 8th: The Road to Ultramar

Today I experienced my first game of 40k’s 8th edition after painting up a moderate amount of my Death Guard. It was 1000points a side, or technically 999 (me) vs (997) opponent. I faced up against some Dark Angels consisting of 5 plasma devs, 5 assault marines, 5 termies, 6 bikers, a las razorback, a dread and Azrael. I ended up taking the DG side of Dark Imperium, plus 7 additional plague marines, with a meltagun to bulk points. It was a blast, it feels more smooth from when I left in the transition from 6th-7th and there’s less special rules to remember.

I can’t remember the type of match, but it was an objective take, with 4 objectives, relatively centre. I lost deployment and initiative, but given my units slow move stats…eh. Ha. Turn one saw my blightbringer cop a missile to the face but shrug it off – disgustingly resilient is disgustingly good. While my forces scrambled out of a killzone which was set up from the previous game involving orks and into some cover. This proved beneficial but dangerous, as one of my bolter marines bit the dust from a direct hit from the razorback in the next shooting phase. Remember to always use a mirror to check windows in a hostile environment, kids. The ravenwing bikers sped forth in an attempt to down my bloat drone, which in turn doused them in diseased goodness *coughcarbonemmissionscough*

My second unit of plague marines made for a second objective, while my lord of contagion camped a third. The poxwalkers ambled forward, losing 7 of their number to the bikers. I have no fucking clue to to boost their save – it’s 7+ -_- Anyhow, the bikers did their hit and run against the bloat drone, which just would not die! No seriously! Turns 3-4 are so nondescript because my opponent kept hitting, but failing to wound, or I’d make disgustingly resilient rolls while I couldn’t return in kind- partially due to short ranged weapons, but also being forced to hole up in buildings unable to advance. Plasma is hot. The terminators teleported in, but could not finish the bloat drone, which had been charged by the bikers, retreated and doused them again in flames.

In the end, I came out on top, 3 objectives vs 1+first blood. The blightbringer died failing a charge- must’ve tripped over all his censers, heh. My sorcerer died from plasma overdose but not before he stripped 50% of the dreadnought’s wounds. I killed 3 bikers, that is all, but hey, I got the objectives, so the Micturators have made successful planetfall onto one of the 500 worlds of the Ultramar system despite not destroying the loathsome dark angels.

From this first game, I realised I needed a) transports and b) ranged support as the death guard are slow and when your opponent has 36-48″ weapons, you can’t really dictate combat. Still, my dudes were survivable as all hell- even without a save, the poxwalkers have disgustingly resilient, which is kinda the same thing, but not quite as the plague marines et all have a save and DR. Also – more terrain or at least ensure there’s no kill zone lanes. Still, it was incredible fun and intense as all hell as I had hot dice on the defense, but rolled poorly on the attack.

I’m painting up a salvaged rhino (it was a BA rhino, then a predator, then used as a priming test subject then dunked in dettol and finally, pressed into service of the Dark Gods) to give me some means of delivering some pestilent warriors to the front.

In closing, 8th is fun.

The Sending of Seven, part 1: Micturator Blightbringer + poxwalkers done!

Well, someone’s been painting up a storm! “My Dudes” Death Guard vectorium (as they are called these days) are The Micturators. The name was chosen to take the piss and be humourous while also being a thematic name for a subgroup of the Death Guard.

Out of 62 dudes, 11 are painted with another 10 coming soon. Yeesh, that’s a load of dudes but hey, cultist plague horde! The expansion plan is to get a multi-part kit when it hits to fill out the ranks of 7 marines and also to fill special/heavy weapon options. There’s enough spare marine bodies lying around my bitz box to make some extra dudes should parts prove compatible.

On another note- I got out of the swifthawk agents for AoS 😦 Just couldn’t get a paint scheme I was happy with. Managed to sell most of it through a FB group but the two still-sealed boxes were exchanged at my nearest GW*. What were they exchanged for? Something in Index: Imperium I (The skittles book- The Rainbow Knows No Fear) as the DG release isn’t here and I wanted to offset all this Heresy. Plus the models looked neat and I’m an impatient git with poor impulse control. Also, so much stuff in 40k starts with ‘Death‘. Screw you, you can’t judge me, is what I’m trying to say.

No, I am a DEVOUT and LOYAL member of the Imperium

Ok, so maybe a little bit of judging, but as they say- There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt. A skycutter and some shadow warriors became SC! Deathwatch** and Index: Imperium 1, while a little bit of extra money went towards a DW rhino as those are sold-out online. Get’em while you can. So yeah, generic space marines might be picked up on ebay for cheaps, cleaned and sent to join the circus…I mean Deathwatch. Or the Death Guard, whenever GW decides to release them.

*Mt Gravatt in QLD, as the Brisbane one keeps moving further away from the train station. Also the Mt. Gravatt staff are nicer, which is a plus (going to Tiny Hammer some 40k there)

**You want death guard, but say deathwatch, and you don’t have the heart to correct yourself as the models are swish.

How to Construct a Wet Palette

Greetings Guardsman!

With the rise in Xenos activity and the return of the pitiful Traitor Legions, the Adeptus Administratum requires all regiments to capture images of these so-called threats. Such images will be used in future campaigns to ensure a constant feeling of Righteous Wrathfulness towards those who would trespass within the Imperium.

It has come to our attention that many regiments are woefully under-educated in this department. Fear not! The Schola Progenum has begun dispatching extra commissars to your battlefield in an attempt to improve morale and discipline.*

Learning to construct a wet palette is a vital skill that all guardsmen should know upon entering the battlefield and can be done using even the most basic of Adeptus Munitorum materiel.**

How to construct a Wet Palette:

1: Obtain the lid of a container, be it from a ration pack, lascannon charge container or the hatch of a Leman Russ Battle Tank. Bullgryn Slab Shields are not recommended. Plastic container lids may suffice but fall under Battlefield Scrounging and/or Looting, which is a punishable offence.***


2: Obtain some sponge-like material to serve as the basis for the palette. Such items are commonly used in cleaning tasks, but in a pinch can also be ripped out from the interior of a suit of flak armour and cut to size.****


3: Hydrate the sponge-like material with Adeptus-Biologis approved water. If approved water cannot be obtained, the use of Xenos blood is an acceptable substitute.*****


4: Once the material is adequately hydrated, place a sheet of wax-lined paper over the top, which will hold paint and keep it from drying out on the battlefield. Do not attempt to retrieve this material from purity seals. Such an action is a) Heresy, b) Punishable by death and c) The Adeptus Astartes do not take kindly to the wayward guardsman.


And there you have it, Guardsman! A nicely constructed wet palette for you to use in your future campaigns!******

Thought for the day: Die for the Emperor or die trying.

*Studies indicate that the presence of a commissar on the battlefield increase morale by 32.7% Furthermore, additional studies indicate guardsman casualties increase by 67% but we believe this to be a baseless coincidence.
**Any attempt to alter Adeptus Munitorum equipment is a punishable offence.
***The type of punishment dealt is at the discretion of the regiment’s commissars. We trust their judgement.
****Removal of any part of your flak armour constitutes Wilful Destruction of Imperial Property and is as such, a punishable offence.
*****Such action may constitute Use of Xenos Technology and is, yet again, a punishable offence. Consult your commissar if you have any doubts.*******
******Future not guaranteed
******* You shouldn’t. A good guardsman never doubts.

Excommunicate Traitoris: Poxwalker WIP

This Saturday just gone, I picked up my copy of Dark Imperium and promptly swapped the primaris side for more Death Guard goodies. I’m not sure how I feel about painting up 40 poxwalkers, but 20 seems at least manageable and I am actually enjoying painting them up 😀

The recipe thus far is: Prime White


  • Mix 50/50 Rakarth flesh/Dwarf flesh and basecoat
  • Wash with Athonian Camoshade
  • Wash with Agrax Earthshade
  • Dilute layer of Ryn Flesh
  • 50/50 Ryn Flesh/Ogryn Camo


  • Straken Green (all steps after this are as thin layers, with emphasis on thin)
  • 50/50 Straken Green/Ryn Flesh
  • 50/50 Ryn Flesh/Ogryn Camo
  • Ogryn Camo
  • 50/50 Ogryn Camo/Ice Yellow
  • Final highlight of Ice Yellow


  • Glaze over flesh with 1:1:1 Ryn Flesh/Warlock Purple/Xereus Purple
  • Fine Highlight of 50/50 Ryn Flesh/Warlock purple

I might sell off or trade away the other 20 poxwalkers for more plague marines/another bloat drone. They’re fun to paint, but a bit too detailed to be rank/file horde troops. Nevertheless, I’ll prosecute the Long War regardless!