The Great Wall: Review- Wholesome B-movie fun

<Obligatory apology for not posting much, then posting something not hobby related>

Ok, so most people have an opinion on Matt Damon’s newest flick, The Great Wall. Most of this is negative, usually due to NOT DOING ANY RESEARCH AND FLAPPING YER DAMN GUMS INSTEAD. Anyhow, The Great Wall (hereby abbreviated to TGW) is a good, wholesome and solid B-movie. It’s not overdone on GGI, nor is it a simple “hurr durr kill stuffs, speshul FX asplosions” of the Clash of the Titans/Immortals variety. It is a goofy, ridiculous, over-the-top action-comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously in today’s World Gone Mad (it really has). I myself had reservations about the movie (and almost didn’t see it) but I’m glad I did.

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Malifaux: It’s not easy being green.

Over the Xmas/New Years holiday period, I received the gift of minis from my little bro, and hot diggity! It was some malifaux goodness! On the downside, it was for the Resurrectionist faction. His reasoning behind not getting something for the other 4 factions I use was “You work in a morgue” (which is blatantly untrue, there’s a distinct difference between morgue and histopathology lab but try explaining that to him).Read More »


Ice ice baby

Painted minis straight off the bat for 2017! It’s also 40-odd degrees Celsius here. Hope you had a happy and safe end of 2016. Minis in question are the old metal Rasputina set. TRUE STORY: I kinda wanted to get some Malifaux minis way back in 2014 as I liked the theme of Ice constructs plus the box art for Raspy’s 1e/1.5e box looked cool. Didn’t though and had to scour ebay last year to find this. Took me so long to get into Malifaux because of poor explanations sadly. Got the idea that there was no terrain and that minis were largely irrelevant due to it being card based. Ha.

Oddly enough I’m wanting metal minis these days due to being single pieces usually and less of a hassle to strip moldlines off every. single. piece.

Anyhoo, minis!

No idea why Raspy is sideways and am far, far too lazy to change it. Humidity is a killer.

Take it easy,

Hobby resolutions for 2017

First off, belated Christmas wishes regardless of whether you celebrate or not! Days off at the very least (3 day work week!)

Given that there’s one week left until 2017 rolls in, I thought I’d put forth a few hobby goals/plans for the coming year. Given that it’s going to be a busy year with up to 2-3 months without any income (internship, thankfully not as a HoP intern), I gotta cut back on accumulating things and making 2017 the Year of the Paintbrush.

So far, I’ve made a few plans in regards to hobbying next year- There’s Cancon in January where I hope to meet some friends IRL and get my teeth kicked in/out/shaken all about in a SAGA tournament. Should be a blast though I’ll need to try and get some kind of experience in before hand. Come March there’s the pro-painting course with Meg Maples which I really can’t wait for. I’ve been in the hobby for a decade now and it wasn’t until mid 2015 that I really wanted to make any noticeable painting improvement. If I’m truly honest, I doubt I made any real improvement until this year, when I got into Malifaux. The detail on those models is incredible and I had to up my game to do them justice.

Speaking of Malifaux, the backlog there is considerable but should be whittled down piece by piece. A new FAQ dropped a few days ago and one of my Masters, Lucius, gained so many buffs that he’s probably going to be the go-to master for a while. I was planning on going Guild or Outcast in the new year anyway, I just know now who to field. Gotta get round to making/painting all the terrain for the game too. Given placement shifts are 0600-1400 or 1400-2200, I might be able to attend Wednesday night gaming. Hopefully; there is a rather large assessment piece to complete concurrently.

On another note (or an-other side), I’m backing Wyrd’s The Other Side game as it looks cool and 45 minis isn’t too much- especially when most are on bases of 3. The fireteam bases are 80mm plinths essentially, which house 3 30mm depressions for 30mm plug based infantry to go in. My first thought on seeing this was “Diorama bases!” which has been a major selling point. Another selling point is that I’m a sucker for Malifaux fluff and I’ve been wanting to know what’s been happening Earthside for a while now. The Other Side won’t ship til Dec 17, so plenty of time to hobby in other things. SAGA: Aetius and Arthur, is one of these things. I’m a sucker for Romans, damnit.

Not only that, but I’ve made a first tentative step into canvas acrylic painting- nothing serious, just a colour wheel and a greyscale but I definitely need to put decent acrylic paints on the birthday wish-list. Plus, y’know, books on the subject. Gotta figure out how to use whatever it is I need to get.

Regardless, it’s late here, so enjoy your holidays and have a safe and happy new year.



2016: The year that wasn’t as good as we hoped, but 2017 should be better by default.

With 2016 winding down to an end (thankfully), there’s much to look back on during this year and also much to look forward to in the next. At this point in time I’m not sure how often I’ll be writing at the House of Paincakes, it’s been a slow year over yonder with about 4 semi-regular authors there. Sinsynn’s taken up residence over at Gmorts, with some guest posting. Regardless of what happens to the House next year, I figure I’ve at least one post left- HoP does Cancon 2017. Gonna go down for some SAGA as I’l be able to meet a couple of other HoP regulars in person and have some fun. Couldn’t get rules for Anglo-Saxons due to print runs and such so I’ll be using Anglo-Danes. Need to find dane axes for the hearthguard but can easily go without for the time being.

With work, night shift is going to be the way of it until placement next year in Feb- passed Cytopathology and work’s taking me on for placement! Hopefully my advanced standing goes through for already being in a lab, cutting 4 weeks off. With placement there will be a bunch of day shifts and half-days/full days off which should allow for some Wednesday night gaming to happen. As it stands, I’m getting rid of most of my collection due to an irregular amount of gaming. Between Malifaux and occasional SAGA games there should be enough to satisfy gaming needs/desires until The Other Side comes out.


For those not in the know, Wyrd games is making a larger game, played on a 6×4 table with fire teams of models. The setting is the same one as Malifaux but on the Earthside of the Breach. There’s just been a bunch of faction overviews (of the four thus far) released and if there’s interest locally I’ll invest in the Abyssinians as mechas are cool. That all being said, there’s been numerous games throughout this year I’ve either tried getting into and failed; or failed to source opponents for games before even getting into said game. Infinity being one of those, AoS being another. The former community being WAACish and the latter being disinclined to leave Northside (being I need to travel 45mins plus by car if I want a game or hit up a GW, all 3 are further out). Reiterating the point that Ipswich, QLD is a gaming hole unless you play Magic. So! Away it’ll all go beside Malifaux, SAGA and some LOTR models that do see occasional play. As sad as it is to get rid of so many half-started projects, it’s for the best. A resolution to buy less, paint more is gonna come in effect.

Getting back on a positive, I am excited for The Other Side as it looks fun to play and the fireteam bases will make for excellent coherent basing projects. I’ve also booked my spot in the SAGA tournament at Cancon, gotta book accommodation and flights soon- Going to aim for mid/late Sat arrival and leaving first thing Monday morning, so there’s a need to find accommodation that allows for early check-outs. Haven’t organised a holiday before that’s included accommodation- it’s either been done by parents or more recently by me, but staying at my dad’s place in Echuca, VIC (slightly left of the Middle of Fucking Nowhere). Gotta time things so I can be back for work on the Monday, unless I ask for that off. Really cannot wait to meet internet friends in real life and have a good time.

More importantly, on the 6th of November, I finally won my first game of Malifaux! It went down literally to the wire, with Lilith vs Lynch. My opponent had 5 cards in hand, aiming to use Final Debt (damage = cards in hand) to kill Lilith, preventing me from getting VP for the strat. A previous attack would have put me on 4 wounds, had I not prevented one measly bit of damage to sit at 5 wounds. With no soulstones and 5 wounds left vs 5 cards in hand, it came down to me flipping a 13 on a wp duel to force my opponent to cheat down a Red Joker, landing the attack but only doing 4 damage. I ended up winning 6-5, but damn it was hard-fought and well played. I did it, heh. Finally. Then in my most recent game I asked to fight uphill- my fixed list sucks horribly at corner hold missions, but I still gained VP- lost 3-8 but eh, gotta figure out what my list can and can’t do.

In the new year, there’s also Briscon happening in April. Unsure if there’s any Malifaux on that as my local Henchman is a tad wary of the organisers as they didn’t respond to his query last year. If games happen, they happen. Before that though, there’s the painting course with Meg Maples in March. It’s an intermediate level class but I figure I’m probably ready for that class. The painting skill has improved markedly this year alone. Gonna paint like a fiend before hand to push the limits to be ready and then use skills gained to paint Titania’s crew as I want to go whole hog on those models.

I also want to transition over somewhat to painting in acrylics on canvas, just for something different and outdoorsy. Acrylic is a medium I’m familiar with (cuz miniatures) so learning stuff on a canvas can be applied to minis and vice versa according to brain logic. With the nature of my joint surgery back in October, I can’t do impact sports until April >.> didn’t really do any of that but I’m feeling far more mobile than I was before and haven’t experienced a flare-up in my joints since the surgery. Life’s good.

Unsure if I’ll fit another post in before Jan 2017, so if I don’t post anything I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

Happy Hogswatch!

-The Warlock

Sono Pazzi Questi Romani

Cedric’s most recent article over at The House of Paincakes (Da House under my Realms of Interest tab) reignited an interest in ancient history, particularly regarding ancient Rome. Sadly over the years I’ve never had much time to delve into ancient history properly despite a few books on ancient Mesopotamia and one or two on Vikings. At the very least, I enjoyed reading the Asterix comics my Grandma had at her place when I was a kid and loved the indomitable gauls and the name puns. Oh god the name puns.

Once my last exam forever is completed on Wednesday, I’ll endeavour to read through the multitude of ancient history books I have sitting around the place. A dodgy memory puts this ‘multitude’ at ‘around 20 or so’ covering Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, Medieval periods and some Vikings thrown in. I do feel woefully ignorant on this part of being a member of this Genus (only extant species of Homo represent!) though to my credit I’ve made a few albeit brief forays into learning more about our ancient cultures and how they dealt with the existential existing of existence. Apparently that last sentence contains no obvious grammatical or spelling errors. Weird.

Moving on, this is an interesting time for me as long delayed surgery happened and I’m almost a month into recovery and that in a rather odd turn of events, I find my interest in sci-fi and fantasy waning in favour of ancient history and steampunk. The latter of course, is to do with Malifaux being steampunk in nature and that magic can quite happily coexist in such a setting. I’m honestly not sure what spurred this change in thinking though I’m suspecting it’s an age thing and that time is becoming more precious to me, leading to gaming taking a back seat. As I type this I’ve just had  good one hour binge session of Skyrim but that’s pretty much it for the week- progress can be saved and resumed at a whim, so there’s no need to keep playing all the time. It’s enjoyable, but only in small doses.

Getting it back to ancient history, it turns out my little bro is keen for some Broken Legions as he’s an ancient history fan as well (though he’s more of a medieval buff) though he may prefer ancient Greeks rather than Romans. Did not even have to convince. I’ve already gotten a box of Caeserian Romans, which are Late-Republican Romans and a surprise was that the miniatures do not come with bases.Very much outside the norm of what I’m used to!

There’s plans to meet up with two HoP folks at Cancon 2017 in January so depending on what time I get there (work won’t let me have the 27th off for a 4 day weekend) but hopefully can get a game of anything in with them over a beer/drink/whatever. It’s going to be awesome to meet people from the internet in real life. Might…consider Saga in the future too if Cancon allows for some gaming (there are Romans and Huns in the new book thingy According to Thuloid). The rising interest in pseudo-historical gaming must be an age thing. Truly it must. I’ve already resolved to have one last, final downsizening and clear out everything that has been sitting around doing nothing. Every half-done project, every “one day I’ll use this” mini and so forth that doesn’t light a fire in my hobbying heart will go. That will go towards funding something, perhaps essentials or just allow for the occasional theatre ticket, etc. Plus I won’t have a plastic mountain of things to paint or get stressed out/demotivated by looking at it. Between Malifaux and the odd historical-esque game there won’t be much time to play anything else, more so when I hit my final semester. Gonna be a headless chook in that 13 week period- I need to find old assessment pieces to prove competency in my degree, or something to that extent which requires the hoarding of old assessment items.

Another ‘oh shit I’m getting old’ post brought to you by

The Warlock