Something something I got sidetracked ok?

You can’t judge me. Ok, maybe a little.

So someone decided to take the plunge after more stuff hit ebay. I kinda wanna play this at Cancon next year and paint either the Fire dwarfs, Orcs or the second Khorne warband (A Man and his Dog) in the painter’s lounge. Gonna tee up the LGS for some BFTBG/whatever it is Stormcast say.

The pteruges were grey washed blue-green, the done over in grey leading to white

Ah, green. The colour of UNQUESTIONABLE LOYALTY. I am personally quite pleased with how the tabard came out. It’s a little dark via photos but the blending is satisfactory.

<insert Dark Angel memery here>

I also like blending a dark blue-green into a red for shadows. A little tidying up and that’s good.

Right now I’m calling this guy 80% done. As I said in my last post I’m not overly keen of having many large armies between 40k and AoS- having a bunch of smaller games spices things up. I am quite keen on the Dwarfs and other Khorne warband as poses and painting but will sit on those til Jan 2019. Still waiting on replacement Necromunda parts for the Goliaths and the stuff in the post to get here. A little upset that Goliath Juves can’t be given hand flamers (only pistol cheap enough is a stub pistol- no access to las/plas/auto) but whatchagonnado.

Till then, have a good one



Breaking out in (Under)hives

It’s been a little while since I posted here as I’ve been busy with work. Now that the obligatory excuse is out of the way, here’s what I’ve been up to in the last little while-


Firstly, I became a scientist, yay! 😀 Starting new hours today which are earlier than my previous ones. I get a bit of a sleep in, then can head home for a normal sleep cycle. I also get my Saturdays back, which is Freaking. Awesome. Looking forward to y’know, actually doing stuff. The motivation to paint/play is starting to flow again.

Speaking of painting and playing, I realised recently I don’t really feel like painting multiple armies of dudes for games. While I usually cycle through armies from a mix of ooh that looks cool/this’ll be a neat idea and so on, I’ve found factions that I’m happy to stick with. While I like certain factions (ie: Biel tan, Death guard, etc) I don’t have to have an army of them. Leading into this is that I’d much rather play smaller skirmish games, like Necromunda!

Sold the Death guard to fund Necromunda: Underhive, some terrain (in the post), an extra gang for both Escher and Goliath (also in the post) and some weapon upgrades (you guessed it, in the post). Huzzah for cheap ebay stuffs and people paying decent money for good painted 40k.

My first foray into the underhive was a Goliath-on-Goliath sausagefest brawl which saw my initial idea for a gang fall through ^^; -It was an intro game, not a full-fledged participation in a league. Gotta walk before you can add +D3″ to your move for a charge.

RIP Bulkhead Bruisers, you never even had a chance

Here’s a blurry phone shot of my guys (sprayed white) being brutally murderized by the opposing gang. Using the tiles in the set, even just 2D necromunda is fun- both sides lobbed grenades at each other managing to seriously injure other members. To the left is a champion and ganger, awaiting my opponent’s leader and champion.

Leader rips open the bulkhead, champ kills my champ. Ganger tries his best.

IT DID NOT GO WELL. My champ was taken out by a rapid firing rivet cannon, then I charged my ganger in…to miss every damn hit. He was then examined for Stupid by the enemy Leader and subsequently taken out via a coup-de-grace (powerhammer to the head). At 2 dudes to 5, we called it, heh. For laughs, my opponent and I decided to do a post-battle injury roll for this unfortunate soul which turned up the hilarious result of Head Injury.

Necromunda (2017) is pretty damn fun and having a smallish gang of 10-20 minis is gonna be pretty dang fun to paint (plus once that weapons pack arrives….). My only complaint is that the rulebook’s layout is a mess and that basic/advanced/expansion rules don’t really mesh well. Once you get your head around it, yeah, but trying to leap in new is gonna take a little while to learn. Still, it plays a lot like Malifaux which I enjoyed playing (and still would, if I could get a game in nearish to me).

Looking forwards to getting more time to learn the rules and participate in a turf war cycle, but so far so good. The Cawdor gang looks pretty swish too though two gangs for now is plenty.

Expect painted Goliath pics soon!




DoK: Avatar of Khaine completed

Finished painting a unit for the Daughters of Khaine- an Iron Avatar of Khaine.

I think it turned out rather well despite not really tying into the overall colour scheme aside from the greenish jade. Anyhow…

I…am Khaela Mensha Khaine.

Iron helps us play!


He’ll take your heart…literally

Used a bronze colour for the metal, as Khaine’s a War God and doesn’t have time for fancy schmancy gold outside of weapons. Iron, Bronze and Stone. That’s all our (dead) Murder Boi needs.

A face only Morathi could love

Until next time!

Out of a funk.

It’s been a while since I posted anything of late and that’s mainly due to not having much if anything at all to post about coupled with a major life funk that peaked a month ago after lasting for almost all of last year.

Add in a sub to Final Fantasy XIV from December and I didn’t do much hobbying at all! WAR and DRG for life though.

As beautiful as all the other FF games, plus you get a chocobo!

However, I’m changing that as the Daughters of Khaine army had me from the get-go and that is the latest AoS project. It’s going to be kept and completed, as Elves/Eldar/Aeldari/Aelves are kinda my thing, particularly the Khaine kind. The AoS fluff is incredibly well done in that Morathi has usurped Khaine’s power, preventing the god from rebirth as she siphons his power away. The army has such a huge tie to WHFB which makes it appealing to me- The WHFB elf gods are/were cyclical but their cycle can be hijacked ala Morathi, who is using Khaine’s iron heart to steal his divinity to become a god in his stead. Plus who doesn’t love a Morathi scheme?

I’m currently in the middle of painting up the first batch of Witch Aelves, though I’m a little undecided on colour scheme. I was thinking Biel-tan or similar with green cloth, bone armour and red hair but gotta figure out the right red. There’ll be a post with them soon, going to try and only post completed works. Maybe blue and a pink? We’ll see. Will re-read Colour and Light to get some ideas. EDIT: The first 5 have had their hair washed with sepia+lahmian medium to give them a blonde colour, so turquoise blue cloth will be a thing because the enemy just can’t even.

See ya around,