Proof of life.


I’m alive, I just don’t feel like blogging to be honest. Games are still played and I’m keen for certain releases; it’s mainly a feeling that my hobby blogging has run its course for now, you know?

There’s not much I want to blog about, though come August 9th that may change with the release of No Man’s Sky. Honestly, since the House has for all intents and purposes closed down, I don’t really feel excited or motivated to pop round the various blogs and see what’s up. Given the fact that blogging seems to be on a decline for the hobby (and Facebook seems to be taking over) I’m unsure on whether or not to move (again) to FB. A tad dismal, though there’s some hard reality there.

Until whenever,
The Warlock

Build night!

I mashed the keyboard and made a blog post. I’m also out of hobby knives!

Currently building models for use in Tara’s crew. There’s her crew box, 3 guild autopsies and 3 death marshals. Aionus will be part of the line up, but he’s one-piece. Once the Scion of the void appears, she’ll be included as well.

One also sucks at painting infinity modelsūüė¶ Not sure whether it’s the detail, or I’m rusty of white priming is a bad idea. Bleh.

Good god, he’s alive?!

It’s been a while since I last checked in (almost two whole months) and that’s mainly because I haven’t felt like blogging much at all. Part of this is from the complete absence of many regulars over at the House of Paincakes, which is a bit of a spirit dampener. Coupled with that is that I don’t feel that most of my hobbying is worth talking about all that much.

Nevertheless, here I am. Alive.ish. Aliveish. Not dead and certainly not undead and feeling solidly whelmed with uni and work. Whelmed in this instant is being used incorrectly as a ‘between’ over and underwhelmed. The root word means something pretty different from what people would think.

In the past…time…period…thing, I’ve been moderately productive and this calls for a picture dump!


Mysterious effigy, Translucent sorrows and poltergiest, then some forests (yub yub) and finally a teddy  which are from the Neverborn faction (besides the forests)

At this stage I tempted to pack away any non-Wyrd miniatures and just focus on painting up their sweet, sweet plastic goodness to reduce the risk of flitting about from one project to the next. Gaming is still a thing, which is awesome save for this month where a bunch of family birthdays and such prevented a lot of games (and two tournaments). Hopefully next month will be better, we’ll see.

Outside of the hobby, I’ve been reading books like a fiend! The Thrawn trilogy and X-wing series were read voraciously as was the latest in Brandon Sanderson’s mistborn novels. Additionally I bought the other cosmere books and read those non-stop. Then there’s the not-quite-fantasy fiction in The Martian and Ready Player One, which is a thrilling read and depicts a pretty plausible future. Lastly, and at 24 standard Earth years of age, I finally read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The humour and dry wit makes for a great read.

Anyhow, til next time

The Warlock

Hobby status update

Hey all,

A lot’s been happening since the month or so I’ve not posted anything. Put bluntly, I just don’t really ‘feel’ like blogging much- I’m getting games in and work’s going fine, as is uni aside from microtomy. Seriously that shit needs to be done in a near vacuum- a¬†very slight breeze can ruin serially cut sections which are about 2um in depth. Had a nice line of 18, got 1 viable section from that. Thanks, wind. Gotta get a line of 20 for exam purposes later in the semester so it’s always handy to practice.

With Malifaux I realised something- I’m not really an Arcanists player. I’m a Ramos or Marcus player. None of the other faction masters appeal to me O.o Unlike the Guild masters, particularly Hoffman, Lucius and Sonnia. I do love me constructs made of metal, I blame my older bro and the original Mirrodin block for MTG. Hell, the neverborn have more appeal to me as I’m determined to get¬†every model with the black blood ability (Yes I’m a fan of Soul eater plus the nephilim look pretty sweet). With black blood Shamans being released soon, I feel this list will dominate 2016:

Lilith, Angel Eyes, Scion of Black Blood, 2x BB shamans, 2x Bloodwretches, with remaining soulstones going into upgrades and maybe a terror tot. Growing that would be nice and extra scheme runners are always welcome. It might not be the best list as there’s no Barbs (can’t be arsed saying Barbaros, he’s Barbs/Barby now) but Lilith in and of herself is pretty nasty in melee. Plus rooting people to the spot then pushing them is evil ^^ However, I do need to focus more on the Strats and schemes for 2016 instead of Hurr durr me push models to fight, why me lose 1-7?

Tis a bit of a challenge coming from Warhammer as the objectives were pretty much kill things til they’re dead but hey, Malifaux is epic funtimes.

On a different note, I’ve painted a grand total of 0.5 SPEHHS MEHRENS from the B@C box set. What can I say, Malifaux is fun. Plus awesomesauce paints arrived for my stuff so OSL is sorta happening. At least, everything but Joss’s axe follows conventional light reflecty/refracty physics stuff. I DON’T KNOW HOW I PASSED FIRST YEAR LEVEL PHYSICS, THIS IS A MYSTERY TO ALL. The shit I do know from physics is horribly basic and mainly pathologically based.

Anyhow, stuffs been happening but I haven’t felt like chatting about it much.

Witty closing remark,

The Warlock

Heresy! The galaxy burns!


So I preempted my pay by one day, but I couldn’t really wait. Ahem, anyhow- 30k box set. I know everyone’s reviewed this to death but here I am: The Warlock, possible heretic.


The box itself is reminiscent of 6th ed WHFB and 3rd ed 40k- On the sides there’s painted Word Bearers and Ultramarines, showing off the various units which is kinda neat.


What I find odd is that there’s enough for 11 torsos of Mk IV armour, so I’m not too sure where to source extra legs- perhaps cybernetic legs for veterans or spicing things up?


Also, at this point in time I’m still unsure of which legion despite heavy leanings towards the Thousand Sons, Emperor’s Children, Sons of Horus and Blood Angels. Most of the loyalist legions don’t really appeal to me, but I do want to use the fancy Roman styles helmets so if I go 1k Sons I don’t know if it’s appropriate given the Egyptian theme. There is a pot of Tamiya enamel clear red…so we’ll see.

As for stuffs to get rid of (last post) it’ll be hitting ebay later this week.



Stuff’s been happening

Hey all,

First things first: I am employed again finally! I start tomorrow as a typist for a pathology lab doing evening/night shifts on a casual role which could turn into a full-time position in the future. Given that uni this semester is on Thursdays only and finishes at 1pm, there’s no way my studies will be impacted and vice versa. Well, okay, maybe Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings might be a tad difficult but hey, student + caffeine = PRODUCTIVITY AND MIRTH IN ALL CAPS.

On the hobby side of things, I’m still playing Malifaux -Last night I conceded after three rounds as nothing was going right. I know it’s not really good sportsmanship to cut the game short but after three turns of seriously bad hands (think 4 out of six are 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and 5’s) even with burning soulstone to try and get better cards (let’s draw a 2 and a 7, worth it!) and having almost all my constructs wiped out in conjunction with my opponent handing out slow to me and fast to his crew with my bad flips enabling him to use my slowed constructs 1 AP…it was crushingly painful from the get-go. I’ve made a post on the Arcanist bit of the Wyrd forums so hopefully I get some advice on how to run Ramos- I really like summoning spiders/saprolings etc and just being able to use the crew members effectively.

Turning that negative twist into a positive twist, I just need to suck it up and learn to take this kind of loss in my stride as well as trying to ‘git gud’. Inexperience is a hurdle I need to get over- I’m familiar enough with my Lilith crew but I want to go Arcanist and not Neverborn. Spiders fo’ life. That and remembering to play to the damn fucking schemes instead of hurr durr me get rail golem to hit stuff and ignore the (1) interact actions for VP >.> Genius Warlock, just friggin’ genius.

Additionally I’ve completed my third painting challenge so there’s that. Twas painting a mini as a gift and he’s currently in the post en route to his recipient.


In closing: SPIDER GIF!!!!!

I will be using spider gifs for all Ramos crew related posts.