The Warlock: Peddler of Magic

Greetings all,

For those of you who don’t know me, I am the Warlock. I’ve been officially blogging since April ’13, with a few pieces of earlier experimentation with Tumblr and Blogger. Fast forward to today and I’m moving from Blogger to WordPress as one can only blog about just miniature gaming for so long. One intends this site to encompass all forms of gaming that time is spent on in addition to including the odd drawing, random photo and the like.

This change was brought about by the fact wordpress blogs look orders of magnitude more professional/serious than the blogger ones (or at least, than what I can get out of blogger) so I’ve packed up the domain and relocated my tower of chaos-y magic-y stuff.

Currently playing around with themes and so on, no real clue as to what I’m doing but eh whatever.

Having been called a ‘peddler of magic’ over the internet I’ve decided to use it as the name of this blog because REASONS. Plus, buddy, you wanna buy some magic? 😛


At this point in time, I’m unsure if I want to let my current Blogger blog die out or to have the infrequent post go up there. I suppose this marks an evolution in the scope and content of my blogging/inane ramblings.

The future holds many things, one of which looks vaguely like my wallet…

I’ll see about porting over the old posts, though I may just keep links for posterity’s sake

Til the next time,

The Warlock


11 thoughts on “The Warlock: Peddler of Magic

  1. My comment is awaiting moderation?
    Well, anyway I’m following.
    There might come a day when I need to burn my corneas outta my face.
    And from what I unnerstan,’ which isn’t much, the House may be switching soon as well.
    I gotta talk to Lo’ ’bout having some color…pretty much all wordpress sites are starkly white. I dunno why that is, but it is…
    Why is that, Warlock?


    • I don’t know 😦

      I’m still coming to grips with WordPress’s interface. I probs should ask for help so I can get links to other blogs and the HoP logo up…


      • You go to that White in a circle on the right upper corner go to widgets select where you want it upper left right etc then go to widgets and drag blogroll into that new box you just made then go to links and start pasting in the links remember to select how many you want displayed hit me onbe. Email if you have any other questions

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      • Your a wordpress bro now I get email about all your shit once you’ve got the box added there’s an insert image button honestly though mate just have a play if an old technophobe like me can suss it a young whipper snapper like you should breeze through it


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