Having a break

Hey all,

I’m going to step away from blogging and war-gaming in general for a while, at least 12-15 weeks if not more.

Why? Well, partly due to semester two commencing soon where I undertake Haem 2 (blood malignancies), Transfusion/Transplantation science, 2nd year histopathology (playing catch-up here) and Diagnostic Endocrinology. The other part of why I’m taking a break is a combination of painting motivation loss and the AoS.

As it stands I’ve been feeling like an extended break from hobbying is a must for me. Been feeling stretched this holiday and having to worry about results for half of it didn’t really help.

So I’m going to focus on uni solely and rejoin a gym (and like, actually commit to it with willpower modifiers and shit). I went for about 5 weeks then it sort-of died when assessment hit. Focusing on uni should put me on top of everything instead of just keeping up.

I will return, eventually.


4 thoughts on “Having a break

      • No worries. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. When the hols hit I tried to do everything I’d wanted to do at once and it well, burned me out almost within a week. That and the hype train for AoS…killed WHFB and the desire for me to paint/assemble and such for that. Again, ghibli movies and a few days down south helped relaxation for this week anyhow.

        I only promise to try to lurk around the House. One wishes to keep on top of things this sem but should do alright rather than get derailed by assignments.


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