A Slow, steady and gentle return

Ok, so that wasn’t 12-15 weeks as first thought- it turns out I have gotten my act together earlier than expected with uni and having Tuesday off as opposed to Friday means I can’t do much other than study and prepare for the practicals Wed onwards. In conjunction, a great deal of assessment is practical in nature with a few major group assignments so while things have gotten real I am, for now, keeping on top of everything. For now, duh duh duuuhhhhhhhh

Unexpectedly though was the fact I lost sight of why I paint miniatures- for the sheer joy I get out of it plus it assists in keeping my anxiety in check. One five-day spanning panic attack ensured that I needed a diversion beyond video game escapism. Uni can’t be the be-all end-all unless one wants to burn out before even graduating. No, there needs to be rest and play alongside work.

On that note:

I sold my Orcs and Goblins, which honestly didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would’ve. As it turns out, I’m a fan of good factions within high/low fantasy tropes where magic is common, dragons, uninspired names for locations etc 😛

A great deal of the funds gained were poured out of the hobby fund and will be put towards a gym membership or something. About a third remains, and will be put into a new army for WHFB. Yes, the object was to cull grey plastic mountain and I’ve done that.

Plus, this army is kinda special- It’s High Elves.

While it wasn’t until 2006 that I got anything resembling an army (and dwarfs at that), but in 2004-5 I knew about warhammer and had my heart set on either tomb kings or high elves. I loved the Egyptian theme of the Khemrians and the brightness of the high elves. One teenage judgment call later during 2007 and a box of high elf archers was being hastily assembled. Having access to all lores of magic was a sweet deal and I just loved the aesthetic of the elves in blue. Can’t remember why I traded my original HE army to my little bro for his orcs, but there must’ve been reasons back in two thousand and something.

Now, this army has conditions. I will go slow, painting one regiment to completion before moving on to the next. Additionally most of the units are to be in 6th edition style miniatures, though this may prove a tad wearisome to locate NiB blisters or the regiments with artwork. Still it gives time to complete units. The object of this army is to paint-as-I-go so by the end of 6-8 units, the army is completely painted.

Characters are to be sourced in metal if able, and the older dragon model will be obtained somehow, despite being dated and pricey (but I do love it for it’s dated look- like an old ancient dragon of times gone by). I am kinda really thrilled at the prospect of painting these guys with my current skill level.

So far, a uni of IoB sword masters is currently being attempted. Gonna use green as the specific province of Ulthuan either Averlorn or Tiranoc according to fluff, leaning towards Tiranoc though. This army will be built with 6th-7th WHFB in mind as I care not for any unit introduced in 8th for the elves.

On the way here is a box of Silver Helms and a box of Archers so once those are painted up, spears then a bolt thrower followed by the dragon and a chariot I think. I’ll write a list up soon to avoid rushing out and grabbing a bit of everything with no objective goal. Right now, I’m considering cavalry heavy as the Tiranoc chariot model appeal to me. Gonna need to get the 6th and possibly 8th edition army books for them too, more so 6th for the hobby/fluff content within.


So, for now I’m kinda-sorta back.




6 thoughts on “A Slow, steady and gentle return

    • Shush you 😛 It’s a case of “I’m going to do what teenage me did and paint as I go”

      I love the old 90’s style citadel dragons. My greatest regret is not getting the Dragonmaster dragon before GW culled the specialist/collector models. Unsure whether to go a deep green, vivid or pastel-like green

      I’m back sort-of, most of this will be weekend hobby stuff as I’ve no less than five assignments plus an exam coming up >.>


  1. It’s never really good to firmly close the door on something you truly love (unless that love is your cheating-ex who ran off with some stud named Giancarlo). It’s nice to have something that de-escalates the panic rather than simply pushing it down the road, where it can be a tidal wave. School first, and then relax 😀


    • There’s 10 plastic swordmasters done up and I’m needing black primer for the silver helms. One thing I liked about the HE was with their Forge org (pre 8th) they could have 1+ core choices and an extra special slot as opposed to the min 2+ core choice requirements.

      Blah, first ex lead me on quite badly but that was quite some time ago (like 5yrs now, dry spell ever since). Some humans just plain suck.

      How are your holidays going with the Oakenwife? Newfoundland seems really picturesque!


      • Newfoundland was lovely! I’m considering posting some pictures of it to the ol’ Meadow… We wound up hiking 40+km and seeing all manner of awesome sights. Quite rare I get time off this time of year so we both ate it up 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. OH and I found out a colour combo similar to the ‘Eavy metal one for the wooden parts of the HE colour scheme. Turns out a 50/50 of bleached bone and rotting flesh gives that yellowy-khaki wood colour.


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