Life stuff: Undergoing Decaffeination

Hey all,

Firstly there’s been good news, well excellent news on a personal level. My anxiety is almost entirely gone. Poof. My arch-nemesis packed its bags overnight and vacated the mental realms. For as long as I can remember I’ve had anxiety, with it becoming exacerbated in 2010 and then in 2013 to the point of needing meds. It’s been a long road fighting anxiety, constantly gaining ground then losing it.

Nothing is worse than having that insidious voice inside one’s head, questioning every little thing said or done. It’s a bit of a living nightmare when you know you’re overreacting/imagining absurd scenarios but you can’t really stop your brain from trotting those thoughts out. Coping techniques helped curb the worst of it and whenever I felt I was on top of the anxiety, that little voice always came back.

This time though, things feel different. It’s gone and doesn’t feel like it’s going to make a comeback anytime soon like it used to. This time, I know it’s gone.

This sort-of correlates with an eighty-sixing of coffee intake. I was/am? hooked on the stuff, downing 2-4 cups a day using it as an energy boost in the morning and for assignment work (fitting your uni student stereotype quite well). No wonder the anxiety wasn’t really going anywhere. Anyhow, last Sunday was when the decision was made to cut coffee out completely. Considering I was going through a lot of spare change at uni for a large coffee and putting away the instant stuff at home, yeah. Sure it looks like the coffee is wholly responsible but I did manage to contain my anxiety whilst downing a lot of coffee.

Purely anecdotal of course, but almost overnight I just felt…better. Full of life.

Currently feeling really really good about life- motivation is up and an exceptional grade (re: top of class, something never before seen for me) on a progress exam has me cheerful and motivated to keep that grade high. (Was 9.5/10% of the course thus far, needless to say, I don’t want to slack off in that subject). Sure, progress assessment but still I usually top out around 7.2/10 for things like that. Going to reward splurge on a regular 40k dreadnought soon enough πŸ˜›

So far I’m 4 days coffee free, but not entirely caffeine free as chocolate and tea aren’t as high dose as 2-4 coffees and I don’t consume either in the quantities of coffee. Well, ok, 2-4 cups of tea but tis half decaf tea ^_^ It’s a thing! Haven’t had the slightest inkling to drink coffee in any form nor any desire to.

Posting this here as while it may not be a big deal for people reading this, but it’s a huge deal for me. It’s like, the single best thing to happen to me all year πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Life stuff: Undergoing Decaffeination

  1. caffeine is powerful stuff. Eventually your body will become more sensitive to it and you might find you have to drop the tea as well. In fact after a week or so off coffee I’d go properly clean if I were you, then you’ll really notice the difference. Our society is very caffeine dependent, its not surprising that many employers supply it free, so its interesting to speculate why this powerful drug is allowed when others are banned. Chocolate contains a slightly different form of caffeine, and much less of it, so you may be able to deal with that.

    I was seriously addicted to tea (10+ cups per day), not unusual for an English person.I gave it up and found my sleep and mood were hugely improved. After years without caffeine I find now that even a decaf coffee has the potential to give me palpitations and change my mood negatively. If I had a normal one I’d probably die!


    • Hey Corwen, firstly apologies for having your comment disappear for a bit >.> wordpress moderates comments weirdly.

      It is very odd how we allow caffeine and make like of addiction to it while giving all other forms of addiction a negative light. I’d place money on the ‘caffeine buzz’ or energy/alertness spike we get from caffeine consumption being the reasoning behind free coffee at work. That and I suppose that coffee is touted as a casual social activity- “Hey, let’s go grab a coffee”.

      Regarding quitting proper, I drink earl grey tea for the taste of it and even then rarely beyond two cups a day. Sugar intake has also been cut over the year, as the amount of sugar added into everything sort of defeated the purpose of adding it to tea/coffee. From quitting coffee alone, I’m sleeping better, feel genuinely alert/active, nowhere near as shaky handling pipettes, dropper bottles in uni pracs.

      Another odd thing is fast food- the right combination of fats, sugars and salts can hook us on a diet of CVD inducing madness. Though I feel addiction to fatty foods/sugar/caffeine is glossed over in favour of the illicit substances- are these any less serious than addiction to any other substance?

      Anyhow, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚


  2. Glad you found a way to deal with it drink 4-8 cups of coffee but problem has never been anxiety almost the exact opposite and overabundence of confidence which is great right up to the moment your confidence outweighs your abilities πŸ™‚

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  3. That’s great news man, I hope the anxiety stays away!

    It’s so true about coffee and sugar, and our society-wide encouragement of them. I always laugh inside when I see people with T-shirts that say stuff like “I need coffee” or that have that caffeine molecule on them. Imagine if it said “I need heroin” or even “cigarettes.” It’s like the drug has taken over their subconscious and is advertising itself to other people like a virus πŸ˜€

    If we were going to be consistent as a society in our attitude to drugs, coffee should be either illegal or only available to adults, not to mention be the subject of a constant barrage of government info campaigns.

    My folks always drank it when I was a kid, and my dad still drinks three or four double espressos a day, which can’t be good for him. I can drink maybe one coffee a day – it’s hard to cut it out when it’s everywhere, but more than that and I get cranky and feel a bit sick. I have always drunk tea (tiny bit of milk no sugar) since I was about six years old though. I drink maybe five or six cups a day and I sleep fine. I actually feel slightly more zen right after I drink a cup πŸ™‚

    One thing I find hard about our cafe culture here in Australia is that most places charge the same for a tea as they do for a coffee, and so you’re paying like 4 bucks for a cup of hot water and a tea bag. I just can’t bring myself to do it, so if I’m at a cafe I always buy coffee :/ It’s also interesting how coffees in Australia have got bigger and stronger over the years. One coffee out of the house buzzes me as much as two or three I might make at home.

    Wow I really rambled on. Haven’t been around much sorry.

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    • Hey James, it’s no problem! Haven’t done much blogging due to assessment loading but taking slight advantage of a break in the deluge. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

      The problem with sugar is that it’s loaded into everything these days (in addition to salts and fats) to create that “flavour sensation” (re: addiction) trying to get us to crave more and more. Can’t remember the author but the book is called ‘Sweet Poison’ and it goes into detail on that. It’s a little concerning too on how we joke about caffeine addiction. While the effects aren’t nearly as life devastating as a meth addiction, any addiction should be treated with a bit of seriousness.

      Cafe coffee contains approx 25-50% of daily caffeine intake and is about double to triple an instant coffee. O.O The uni database scares me sometimes.

      Drinking tea is awfully zen/relaxing. Nothing feels better than a rainy day and a cuppa tea. That and about 5 cups = one cafe coffee, heh.


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