X-Wing: An introduction into hitting the broadside of a moisture evaporator

Hey all!

I’m largely over a sinus infection which had put me out of action for a few days. This post, if you haven’t already guessed is about the Star Wars: X-Wing game. For $60 it’s one helluva sweet game, no clue why I didn’t get into it early 😀

I’m still trying to suss out the Brisbane X-wing scene (and trying to line up a game with the older bro) so in the mean time I walked…er…stumbled, fumbled and rumbled through the introduction scenario. There’s no pics, as it’s just me vs me.

From the get go- intro rules are simple and straight forward. There were only two occasions I had to read through a section again and that was really to see what happened after a round ended. I have little to no experience writing batreps but forgive this poor fool 😛

Set up was according to the intro pamphlet.

Round one: The Academy TIE makes a beeline towards his target (forward 3) while Rookie pilot of the X-wing races his ship into the thick of it (forward 4). The Obsidian Squad TIE maneuvers to get into position (right 3) before taking fire at the rookie, only to have both shots evaded. I’m sure there will be jokes about the broadside of moisture evaporators when he returns to the hangar 😛

The rookie pilot overshot and couldn’t return fire at either TIE, though he didn’t see he’d flown directly into the fire of the academy pilot! The Academy pilot scores two hits, wiping the shields of the X-wing. Take that, moisture evaporators!

Round two: The Academy pilot tries to get into a better position so he can impress the Obsidian pilot (sharp left 2), while the rookie pilot tries to turn things around and does a 180. In his haste, he fails to notice the Obsidian pilot coming in from behind, who banks left and lands two hits as my dice rolling is at the whim of the Dice Gods (seriously, first D6’s now D8’s? c’mon Life, not cool). The Rookie pilot is now suitably rattled and unloads three shots into the academy pilot, who wishes he’d bought TIE insurance and explodes in a ball of fiery mookness as TIE fighters don’t have shields. As it is with life, having imminent deadlines can induce marked increases in focus and results.

Round three: The Obsidian TIE 180’s and unloads green lasery death into the X-wing (which also performed a 180), who receives two solid hits and is blasted into space dust. The Empire wins the day, minus an academy mook.

Looking back: TIEs are weak, being able to be one-shotted through lucky rolling, though having two allows increases the chance of hitting something (like say, the broadside of a moisture evaporator).

The starter is pretty balanced as the X-wing can take 2 more hits over a simple TIE but can (as mentioned) one-shot them. Target priority is a thing, but with careful maneuvering there should be at least one in range/sight. X-wing’s introduction rules are quite clear in meaning, showing set up and explaining everything in a way that takes about 15 mins to learn the basics.

My dice rolling sucks ass regardless of the dice, so I could probably hit the broadside of a moisture evaporator 50% of the time…maybe? If I’m lucky.

I don’t know which faction to expand into for future casual games. Definitely considering picking up a Y-wing as I love that ship. Right now I’m leaning towards the Imperial side, as there’s been a secret, dark love of TIE variants despite being some kind of Rebellious Grime (I’m a better type of Rebel Scum lol). Mayhaps a TIE phantom, interceptor or defender (if the latter is out).

Anyhow, I’m hooked and am also considering Armada what with epic space battles being a thing 🙂


EDIT: Update- Finished reading full rules:

Ok, there’s a lot that the introductory rules left out for the sake of brevity and that’s cool. One of which was the fact that some maneuvers cause stress tokens to appear, while some maneuvers remove stress tokens. This pretty much means you can’t K-turn (what the rules describe the 180 as) every round without penalty.

I now know about points, squads, upgrades and such and that I’m gonna need more tokens.


4 thoughts on “X-Wing: An introduction into hitting the broadside of a moisture evaporator

  1. Coincidentally as well — the TIE / X-wing ratio holds true in Armada. TIEs typically roll 3 dice, but X-wings have 5 Hull points. While X-wings roll 4 dice, against the 3 HP of the TIEs. It’s perfectly normal for an X-wing squadron to one-shot a group of TIEs.

    TIEs benefit the most from synergy however, so running Howlrunner buffs the whole swarm. Add a TIE Advanced or two to stack up hit points and stuff. GOOD STRATEGERY!


    • I found out that TIE defenders exist, so I’m expanding into Imperial territory- eventual plans include a phantom, defender, bomber and an interceptor once I’ve read the full rules. It sounds really cool that Armada keeps relatively true to the TIE vs X-wing thing. X-wings are tougher and can fire more, but TIEs have more numbers and are wholly expendable. It really does fit that the Empire can afford to lose mooks but every rebel death is a big thing

      Since it was the basic intro rules, abilities and such weren’t covered (I’ll read the full rules later today) but overall I did feel like the TIE fighters could’ve used something with shields. Being able to take an extra hit or two is a nice insurance against being one-shot though lucky shots can rip through the shielding almost immediately.

      Oz comic con is tomorrow in Brissie, so I’ll check things out and maybe splurge on stuff if the tax return finally comes through.


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