Hobby Help: Opinions (or Onions) required

Hey all,


I’m looking for recommendations for a different (non-GW) miniature line to paint up. Not going to lie, I’m not much of a gamer though I’m trying to change that and probably will once exams are down. Doesn’t really help that the most active Brisbane X-wing group is a 45min drive away from me (one way).

In conjunction with this thought, I want something where I don’t need a lot of minis so I can focus on each one to a greater standard (and try out some of the things Dave’s been teaching over at the House). GW models don’t really allow for that unless you’ve Mad Skillz (Tm) already and have the patience to pro paint 2000 points of stuff. Learning to do NMM or even RMM and possibly OSL are things I need to learn (yes, I need to lern 2 paint gud) to grow/develop as a painter.

Asking now as I’m falling out with GW, heh. By that I mean I can’t really get motivated to paint/assemble anything from them besides WHFB models. 40k stuff is going to be reduced to Sanguinius’s finest in order to fund stuff.

Getting back to the point regarding miniatures to paint to a higher standard, I was thinking getting a faction of possibly Warma/hordes as I know the closest LGS (lol, closest = Brisbane, Ipswich is a hole) as all the gaming stores in the city stock the minis.

Any recommendations on where to start or what faction would work best regarding RMM, NMM,OSL and the like. I want to get serious about improving the painting skills.

The Warlock


4 thoughts on “Hobby Help: Opinions (or Onions) required

  1. Infinity has some really lovely models and you only need 10 ish for an army for your own sanity. Try and stick to the newer sculpts some of the older models are real pigs to assemble might get a post up sometime son about my misadventures building a Aleph Maruts Tag you will notbelieve some of the shit I went through


    • I’d love to break out the nomads I’ve put away but there doesn’t seem to be much for infinity here in QLD. That and I can’t paint that level of detail yet as I’ve no eyepiece/magnification device. Eyeballometry can only go so far.

      I’ve also found out through the Magic of Google that Horde’s commander units are called….Warlocks.


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