Press-ganged into service

Hey all,

I think I may have found a game that I’d like to play and will most definitely get a game with: It’s Warmachine. An adventure into Brisbane to do some distraction free study was not distraction free due to forgetting exams are in full swing and as such, people are cramming. After a good hour of endocrinology review, an investigation was launched at the nearest LGS to suss out alternate games/miniatures to paint.

As it turns out the Warmachine/Hordes scene is big in Brissie and I’m guaranteed to get games, according to the staff. After a brief run-down of factions, a one Mr. Warlock decided he’d start up with Cryx as he was had at “These guys can blow themselves and anything within 6″ up”.

Once the RMM stuff arrives I’ll set to painting them asap.


EDIT: Ha, I was intrigued by the leaks for plastic Horus Heresy but when the box set is $265 here (that’s a Stormsurge, people) well…it’s for best I think. I’m not gonna drop almost $300 on 38 miniatures.





4 thoughts on “Press-ganged into service

  1. I have some cryx models and wouldn’t mind some more. The undead pirate thing is pretty neat and the models look nice. I’ve been painting some farrow models as a Xmas models exchange and they’re cool too. Definitely invest in pinning and loctite gel for the keeping of sanity.

    WM/H is plenty popular so it’s good for available gaming, have fun! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures.


    • Hey Charlierad88! I like the look of the cryx warjacks and am keen on trying out some NMM and RMM techniques on them to make them look gritty.

      I’m planning on pinning a great deal of things though not sure what loctite is. Should have the battlegroup order come in by Friday hopefully so I can pick it up after my exams


    • I’m going to try this “zenithal priming” that was described in a tutorial for bile thralls. Grey then white then a whole lotta wet blending. I forgot I have retarder medium- I keep relying on water for wet blending and not using this stuff >.> I’ll try and get pics up soon!


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