Bile and slime and all things sublime

The Cryx battlegroup has arrived as well as some platinum paint (for other things), replacement scalpel blades, cryx themed tokens and the mud effects. I was led to believe that the mud effects would be a weathering powder plus liquid additive, but I was wrong.

However! Back when I was getting into 40k, I was set on SPEHSS WOOFS due to their attitude towards guardsmen and the inquisition. Needless to say, 4 Painting Woes later I have an unused container of Woodland Scenics snow effects. As it’s white and particulate, it serves as a nice grit for the mud effects to colour- thus the problem of mud is solved. Enamel paint/based stuff stinks to high heaven though. F**K PPE THOUGH I’M IN EXAM BLOCK NEAR HOLIDAYS, SAFETY BE DAMNED!

Mud was then applied to the bases of the bile thralls. I don’t think the previous photos showed it but I subconsciously painted livor mortis on a few of them-  a purple (liche purple + warlock purple + retarder medium) wash was around the legs and feet of about half of the unit. Special thanks to Smoke88 who brought it to the forefront of my mind (thanks!) and for adding another name to the Gag Names List.

Said list is a bunch of science names for enzymes, proteins, etc that can be made into names of humans. For example, Homer Sistine is a name pun on ‘homocysteine’ the precursor molecule to the amino acid methionine. Any and all name suggestions welcome! Before I forget though, here’s a pic of the bases:

Why have slime when you can have bile!
Why have slime when you can have bile!

It’s more yellow than the picture shows but I’m gonna need a sealant.

Back to the names- as already said suggestions are welcome though I’d prefer them to be taken from human related proteins, enzymes, conditions and such.

So far there’s:

  • Homer Sistine (homocysteine)
  • Bill E. Rubin (bilirubin)
  • Al Boomin (albumin)
  • Sara Tonin (serotonin)
  • John Diss (jaundice)
  • Billy Verdin (biliverdin -thanks Smoke!)
  • Meg L. O. Blass-tick (megaloblastic [anaemia])
  • Ann Eemya (anaemia)
  • Di O’Beaties (diabetes)
  • Lou Sifferin (Luciferin, yes it’s an actual protein name – not human derived but used in immunofluorescence assays)
  • Mel Anomer (Melanoma)

4 thoughts on “Bile and slime and all things sublime

    • Yuri Ah (Urea), Polly Sistick (polycystic), Lou Copinia (Leucopenia), Mack Rofarge (Macrophage).

      I think I’ll only have one unit of bile thralls, one can only paint so much bum.

      Gotta love those names!


      • Er, no.
        Basic internet advice says that cryx can’t really go ‘jack heavy. I’ve got the starter rules through the battlegroup box, so hopefully this monday or next (probs next as I’ve exams both monday and tuesday) I’ll try and get a game happening as this noobs needs to be whaled on.

        I’ve got some nightwretches coming as I think that all the bonejacks for cryx are kinda…well, cute. O.o Not too sure where I want to ultimately go with the build/s but hey, I wanna save up for…The Kraken.

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