Hey all,

I got off of my backside today and got my first game/introduction into warmahordes up in Brissie. Needless to say, I was clubbed like a baby seal though this was expected as I’m a complete noob. There aren’t photos sadly and it took about an hour and fifteen to run me through as the activation of unit by unit was a tad overwhelming. That or I’m a gumby, your pick 😛


The introductory arse-whooping was 15pts, with a caster kill objective.

My list: (WM, Cryx)

War Witch Deneghra
Defiler bone jack
Deathripper bone jack
Slayer hell jack
6 bile thralls

The opposing list: (Hordes, Circle)

Kromac, champion of the wurm
3 Shifting stones
Warpwolf stalker

My deathripper was the MVP of my force, taking out half of the warpwolf’s spiral thingy with good rolls, only to be dismantled by the same warbeast, albeit pretty furious. I didn’t actually kill anything, and Kromac lent fury to the warpwolf who then OHKO’d Deneghra.

Things I learned: It’s gonna be a while until I get my head around activation and thinking of options. That and I’ll need a hardcopy of the rules, the e-version is hard on the eyes not to mention will be murder to print.

I need to download the card app to suss out point values- I sent my helljack up a hill to try and kill a 2pt model. Thankfully my opponent was a stellar chap and helped baby step myself through “You can do this, as it’ll do this to me. I’m going to do this as my faction relies on hit-and-run” etc.


Deneghra should pop her feat when multiple enemies are closing in and synergise it with some of her spells. So again, gotta plan things and think things through.

Cryx warjacks can dish out the pain, but are squishy.

Coherency = Command, so thinking of 2″ coherency ala 40k led to me bunching everyone up.

That all being said, I do like the mechanics and how things play out. Gonna try and find other places to play that are closer to home to try and get to grips but even though I had little to no clue of how to play, it was pretty fun.


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