Where to from here?

A long while back I was musing on the death of WHFB and the splintering of its fanbase- where exactly do we go? Do we flog our miniatures on ebay, continue on with previous editions of WHFB, move to KoW? I ask due to the fanbase of WHFB being so splintered. It feels like a WAAAGH broke itself on a fortress wall and we’re all tribes going our separate ways to new or familiar horizons. Not to mention all the animosity going around which makes the orc analogy fit.

For myself, I sold up a bunch of WHFB and some 40k, getting into X-wing and Warmahordes. Currently I’ve been getting a few games of X-wing in vs my little bro who has moved up from Victoria. We’ve been considering breaking out the old LOTR SBG game minis from an age gone by as my little bro likes the movies and the ruleset it quite solid.

A funny aside is that the LOTR rules from GW were simple and were sorta aimed at kids/teens/first-time wargamers to introduce them into the hobby. Once touted as ‘kiddy hammer’, the rules are probably the best GW have put out for a skirmish sized game. The “I go, you go” was broken down into the phases, so player 1 would move, player 2 would move and so on. Age of Sigmar has the same audience, though the ‘rules’ don’t seem to offer anywhere near as much depth as the simple-but-effective LOTR rules.

One such thought regarding AoS’s failure out of the gate and GW’s release schedule was that there was no variety- For the first 5 weeks it was “golden plate armour dude but with a different weapon option, all yours for $85 for 5″. It’s why sigmarines is a fitting description- the army is samey. Same dude, different gun. In addition to the theme of super human, all male, big pauldrons, chapter analogues, god-emperor etc. That’s also without getting into the MAXIMEM iPee PROTEKSHUN naming conventions. Would it benefited AoS if each faction received 1 plastic kit and 1 clampack to kick everything off? I think it might’ve, more so if the rules were a temporary measure.

In the months gone by since then, the vast majority of WHFB players have split into a few distinct groups with a lot of bleed-over between them. There’s the 9th age comp group which is a hit and miss for me. Kings of War is another, with the largest splinter heading off in that direction (which makes sense, as it’s a sort-of-but-not-quite analogue of WHFB). Playing previous editions of WHFB can work, though without house rules the editions may or may not be stagnant. The last option kinda appeals to me as I’ve gotten most of the 6th edition WHFB books and my little bro’s Bretonnians are relevant. At this point I should probably own up to just being a painter with an optimistic outlook on future gaming possibilities. Ha.

There’s also a plethora of other games that have attracted people, from SAGA to Halo’s space fleet game, X-wing and so on. I’m trying to get more X-wing in but I’m not overly keen on driving almost an hour inc tolls (one way) to play a few games. Still, I did pit my Imperials vs my little bro using my Rebels last night. Stars of the show included my Academy TIE, who evaded so many hits with 1 hull point left and then promptly flew into an asteroid. Looking back, there’s a reason TIE swarms are still the imperial go-to. Rexler Brath did nothing, NOTHING I SAY! I lost everything and only took out an A-wing, shields are quite handy to have. Warmahordes on the other hand, my initial outlook is changing as I’m finding the terrain rules to be quite gamey. That and the “terrain” for warmahordes is nothing more than felt cutouts in the LGS’s irks me. The miniatures themselves are quite good though and are fun to paint, being a welcome change from having to paint umpteen whatevers. Comparing to 40k, er, well, 5/30 death company BA’s are done 😀 Black paint, ironically enough, works well for black power armour. Who’d have thunk it? That and fine point (talking 5/0, 20/0) brushes work miracles.

In the new year if I can find a FT job for a year or so until my degree is done, I might get Betrayal at Calth or may just as easily invest into some other mini game. Armada looks kinda neat, or y’know, give mini gaming a miss as I’m not really ‘feeling it’ with the hobby. I feel like I’m largely done, you know? Like I’ve had fun but there’s not much out there that’s not star wars that truly tickles my fancy. With games, I prefer setting over actual gameplay which is probably part of the problem in conjunction with wanting my force to be “my dudes”- led by Generic Character (aka me) to fight the other guy’s army (and by extrapolation through generals, him).

Honestly I don’t know, but I’m a little uncertain about my hobbying in the future.



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