Painting in 2016, a resolution of sorts

Hey All,

Hope you all had a good 52nd week and have welcomed 2016 with open arms and hangovers. Pro tip: It helps to keep New Year Resolutions vague and filled with weasel words to avoid roping yourself into biting off more than you can chew 😛

Now, on Facebook I’m part of a group involved with painting and they shared this little gem (credit to the original creator, this thing is neat!):


Some of it looks really straightforward…though the bottom right will be challenging for two reasons. Firstly, there’s about six or so people who’s painting prowess is an inspiration to me and secondly those people are leagues above me.

Bottom center is going to be SDE, I’ve had that for a while now and haven’t painted everything for it yet. To the left is well…mediocrity in the making as I worry incessantly when writing anything that will be on public display. Always too concerned with what people will think >.>

Anyway, this should help motivation to paint in 2016 as I can easily edit this with a red X or something when a challenge task is complete.


With regards to gaming, I’m not sure what exactly I want to play/get games in with. I’ve put 40k on the back burner, same as WHFB and have given Warmahordes a fair go though I dislike the gamey-ness of terrain (4’x4′ MDF and felt cut-outs feels like it’s taking the mickey rather than adding to the experience) and the super competitive nature of the game.

Additionally it’s been hard to get an x-wing game in and the lack of being able to find a) a place and b) a consistent time has pretty much lead me into picking up Magic the Gathering again after a 4.5 year hiatus. Friday night magic is a thing still, though I suppose I’m not looking hard enough for a game >.> or don’t have the cash to blow on armada/expensive new hotness. I’ll make the effort with FNM but honestly I’m not sure what I’m going to do regarding gaming this year.

All I really know is that I want a fun game that isn’t that competitive -I want to win, but I want to have fun regardless of victory or defeat.

Back to MTG, I’m rocking 4/9 mythics from boosters so that’s a warm welcome back at least. I’m going to try a green/blue Eldrazi deck from the latest set with a bunch of cards swapped out/in (namely Oblivion Sower and Void Winnower in place of the preconstructed’s Breaker of Armies). I am saddened by the lack of 1/1 green saprolings but 1/1 colourless Eldrazi scions should suffice until the lovably expendable plants make a return.


2 thoughts on “Painting in 2016, a resolution of sorts

  1. In the interests of a game that allows you to ‘have fun regardless of victory or defeat’, I recommend trying Malifaux. It’s skirmish scale so it has a fairly cheap buy in, feels different from most games due to the card mechanic and allows for (up to a certain degree) for assymmetric victory conditions. So you can quite often feel that you’ve acheived some goals even in games that you don’t win.


    • Hey Argent Badger, thanks for stopping by!

      I’m considering Malifaux as this is now the third time I’ve had the game recommended to me, so I’ll check it out in the next week or so once I find out where it’s being played. It certainly does seem interesting as I’m led to believe there’s no dice involved


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