Painting Challenge 1/16 Complete!

Nobody expects the Imperial Inquisition!

Out of the 16 painting challenges for 2016, I started with “Paint using a technique you haven’t mastered yet” combining a marble effect and NMM gold on an Ordo Hereticus Hellfire Dreadnought.

It feels good having motivation that gently forces me to try new things and attempt to gain skill in new techniques, blah blah blah…HERESY?!!! WHERE IS THE HERESY?!!!




4 thoughts on “Painting Challenge 1/16 Complete!

  1. Well done!!!!! You’ve really nailed the marbling I think. As a geologist, I was fooled!

    In other, perhaps less interesting news, I’m finally starting to get around to painting some of the Australian Regiment. The LR Exterminator was the first to get the brush treatment!


  2. Hey Warlock, that looks great dude. I’ve tried marble once or twice and not managed to pull it off. Also Ordo Hereticus are the most fun Ordo. Anyone who disagrees is clearly A HERETIC.


    • Heya Beat Ronin! Good to see you round 😀

      The marble effect is surprisingly quite easy- It follows the GW 2015 advent calendar’s painting vid (day 20/21 I think).

      Ordo Hereticus is indeed the best ordo, they have the most bling and seem the most iconic. When I started with the NMM attempt on him, the only thing I could think of for the sarcophagus was marble. How better else to say “You’re a damn dirty heretic” than a marble dread?

      Thought for the day: Beware the alien, the mutant, the heretic.


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