2016 Painting Challenge 2/16 Complete!


Task 2 of 16 is complete for the 2016 Painting Challenge! This was a Bonus Round- Paint a mini from a range/manufacturer you’ve never painted before. As I’ve literally taken the plunge into Malifaux 3 days ago (first game was last night) the first Wyrd mini painted was a Neverborn Bloodwretch from the 2-player starter set.

As I’m probably somewhere in the grey zone between “Brilliant” and “Insane” an idea popped into my head to paint the male bloodwretch’s shirt in a Hawaiian style. You know the kind- Bright colours, floral prints, worn by tourists everywhere (Twoflower was an inspiration for this guy). Plus the expression on the aforementioned bloodwretch’s face looks like his holiday has just been ruined and…well, enough said really.


The Warlock


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