Malifaux faction leanings

Last night I got my backside thoroughly handed to me by the Gremlin master, Wong. A long story short of last night’s game is that something, somehow, went terribly terribly Wong. The game was quite fun and I learned the value of why one should keep track of the abilities and traits of each crew member.

As the base inserts for my M+SU crew are still in the post I picked up an old metal Arcanist Marcus to have enough for a 50ss game. Using the arsenal deck for the Arcanists, I managed to get a 50ss crew neat. A new crew and a new player lead to a wholesale butchering of my beasts. In hindsight it was a very, very bad idea to bunch up my crew so that’s one lesson learned. Additionally the schemes chosen were…less than adequate…’A line in the sand’ and ‘Assassinate: Wong’ with a slow moving and melee exclusive crew. What could possibly go Wong? The answer, is EVERYTHING. Heh.

So, despite being a player of malifaux for a short time (re: a fortnight) I seem to acquired four crews within three factions:

Ramos’s crew
-Additional spider swarm
Marcus’s crew (metal)

Lilith’s crew
-Starter set’s neverborn

Sonnia’s crew (metal)
-starter set guild
-purifying flame (metal)
-drill sergeant (metal)

Luckily the metal crews and miniatures are cheap and total expenditure is akin to buying the rules and a codex for 40k. Yeah, Malifaux is cheap as chips when you realise the rules are $18 and that a crew, arsenal box and a few extra minis set you back around $100 total, it’s definitely not a bad entry cost seeming as a single crew gives one a 35ss sized force.

Ideally I’d like at least one crew for each faction (well, maybe not gremlins) plus or minus a few dual-faction crews but right now I’ve got a lot to paint and play with so expanding from here will be slow save for obtaining a plastic Marcus crew as the metal Razorspine Rattler is an absolute <several expletives> pain to assemble. The metal Marcus and Myranda may pull double duty as Oxfordian mages or something in the future.


Seriously though the metal razorspine was hell to assemble.





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