Stuff’s been happening

Hey all,

First things first: I am employed again finally! I start tomorrow as a typist for a pathology lab doing evening/night shifts on a casual role which could turn into a full-time position in the future. Given that uni this semester is on Thursdays only and finishes at 1pm, there’s no way my studies will be impacted and vice versa. Well, okay, maybe Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings might be a tad difficult but hey, student + caffeine = PRODUCTIVITY AND MIRTH IN ALL CAPS.

On the hobby side of things, I’m still playing Malifaux -Last night I conceded after three rounds as nothing was going right. I know it’s not really good sportsmanship to cut the game short but after three turns of seriously bad hands (think 4 out of six are 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and 5’s) even with burning soulstone to try and get better cards (let’s draw a 2 and a 7, worth it!) and having almost all my constructs wiped out in conjunction with my opponent handing out slow to me and fast to his crew with my bad flips enabling him to use my slowed constructs 1 AP…it was crushingly painful from the get-go. I’ve made a post on the Arcanist bit of the Wyrd forums so hopefully I get some advice on how to run Ramos- I really like summoning spiders/saprolings etc and just being able to use the crew members effectively.

Turning that negative twist into a positive twist, I just need to suck it up and learn to take this kind of loss in my stride as well as trying to ‘git gud’. Inexperience is a hurdle I need to get over- I’m familiar enough with my Lilith crew but I want to go Arcanist and not Neverborn. Spiders fo’ life. That and remembering to play to the damn fucking schemes instead of hurr durr me get rail golem to hit stuff and ignore the (1) interact actions for VP >.> Genius Warlock, just friggin’ genius.

Additionally I’ve completed my third painting challenge so there’s that. Twas painting a mini as a gift and he’s currently in the post en route to his recipient.


In closing: SPIDER GIF!!!!!

I will be using spider gifs for all Ramos crew related posts.




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