Good god, he’s alive?!

It’s been a while since I last checked in (almost two whole months) and that’s mainly because I haven’t felt like blogging much at all. Part of this is from the complete absence of many regulars over at the House of Paincakes, which is a bit of a spirit dampener. Coupled with that is that I don’t feel that most of my hobbying is worth talking about all that much.

Nevertheless, here I am. Alive.ish. Aliveish. Not dead and certainly not undead and feeling solidly whelmed with uni and work. Whelmed in this instant is being used incorrectly as a ‘between’ over and underwhelmed. The root word means something pretty different from what people would think.

In the past…time…period…thing, I’ve been moderately productive and this calls for a picture dump!


Mysterious effigy, Translucent sorrows and poltergiest, then some forests (yub yub) and finally a teddyย  which are from the Neverborn faction (besides the forests)

At this stage I tempted to pack away any non-Wyrd miniatures and just focus on painting up their sweet, sweet plastic goodness to reduce the risk of flitting about from one project to the next. Gaming is still a thing, which is awesome save for this month where a bunch of family birthdays and such prevented a lot of games (and two tournaments). Hopefully next month will be better, we’ll see.

Outside of the hobby, I’ve been reading books like a fiend! The Thrawn trilogy and X-wing series were read voraciously as was the latest in Brandon Sanderson’s mistborn novels. Additionally I bought the other cosmere books and read those non-stop. Then there’s the not-quite-fantasy fiction in The Martian and Ready Player One, which is a thrilling read and depicts a pretty plausible future. Lastly, and at 24 standard Earth years of age, I finally read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The humour and dry wit makes for a great read.

Anyhow, til next time

The Warlock


3 thoughts on “Good god, he’s alive?!

  1. Hey buddy beena while oh man I love all those books you mentioned the thrawn trilogy was got me into the star wars extended universe the x wing series was great preferred the rogue squadron to the Wraith squadron ones and stop before you get to starfighter of Adamar that was awfully lols.

    Douglas Adams has been one of my heroes since I first heard the hitch hikers guide (might be able to see where my random sense of humour comes from now) Radio plays when I was maybe 8 yrs old there all on u tube and are the best of the various iterations of teh hitch hikers guide done. You should also check out Dirk Gentlies Hollistic detective agency and the long dark tea time of the soul especially the long dark tea time of the soul I think that’s Adams best holds together better as a coherent story rather than a framework to hang skits off like the hitch hikers guide.

    If dry random humour is your thing you should check out Robert Ranking too my fave is apocalypse the Musical but he’s done lots

    Hope your well mate

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    • Hey DC! It’s been an age ๐Ÿ™‚ How’ve ya been?

      I kinda prefer Wraith Squadron but the whole series was awesome outside of Adumar. That one felt weird to read. Douglas Adams is a genius, Hitchhiker’s was a gripping read and the out there humour just made it so much more enjoyable ๐Ÿ˜€ Vogon poetry eh?

      Will give Dirk a look in when I’ve a spare moment- got to work, study, paint, then get the rest of Douglas Adam’s trilogy of five. Also considering starting up Infinity properly this time as when I wanted to, I had massive anxiety problems. Now that I am a semi-functioning member of… so-sigh-it-tee, keen to get in again with some Pan-O (Australia, fuck yeah! and so on). Got the starter on its way with an airbrush compressor so we’ll see how that goes. Gotta ask, are the sculpts for infinity being redone? There seems to be a lot more slicker looking models.

      Also need to get the rulebook but heh, whatever ๐Ÿ˜›

      We also need a plan to reinvigorate the House, Sin, Lo, BC and the others don’t really post outside of Cedric and Thuloid :/


      • The rule book is a free pdf start with the quick start rules cause once you’ve mastered shooting and moving and ARO’s the rest will justfall into place a lot of the early sculpts are being redone. My panO are the Icestorm set plus a cutter TAG with a few specialist 300 points and you have invisible killer death stompy robot or the killer tron as he’s known.

        There a sixth hitch hikers guide book now done from his notes I have it on my reading pile but have yet to get to itcalthough I heard he was planning on rewriting it as a Dirk gently

        Mate I think the whole 40k blogosphere is dying I stay incintact with all those cats on Facebook now


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