Build night!

I mashed the keyboard and made a blog post. I’m also out of hobby knives!

Currently building models for use in Tara’s crew. There’s her crew box, 3 guild autopsies and 3 death marshals. Aionus will be part of the line up, but he’s one-piece. Once the Scion of the void appears, she’ll be included as well.

One also sucks at painting infinity models 😦 Not sure whether it’s the detail, or I’m rusty of white priming is a bad idea. Bleh.


2 thoughts on “Build night!

  1. Yeah I also found them a bit harder to paint than the models I was used to. I think it’s because they’re exaggerated (diminished?) to be skinny and anime-like, whereas most minis these days are true or heroic scale. Don’t get me started on the tiny hexagons all over everybody. My advice is just ignore them. Pretend they aren’t there and don’t get caught in the trap of trying to highlight them individually, it’ll just look fake.


    • Looking over some of them, they seem awfully busy for metal models. So many grooves and little things going on. It is also freezing here in QLD, brr. I might try a guide layer and strip current fusileer


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