Proof of life.


I’m alive, I just don’t feel like blogging to be honest. Games are still played and I’m keen for certain releases; it’s mainly a feeling that my hobby blogging has run its course for now, you know?

There’s not much I want to blog about, though come August 9th that may change with the release of No Man’s Sky. Honestly, since the House has for all intents and purposes closed down, I don’t really feel excited or motivated to pop round the various blogs and see what’s up. Given the fact that blogging seems to be on a decline for the hobby (and Facebook seems to be taking over) I’m unsure on whether or not to move (again) to FB. A tad dismal, though there’s some hard reality there.

Until whenever,
The Warlock


2 thoughts on “Proof of life.

  1. Hey Warlock.

    Yeah it’s a funny thing that seems to have happened, with the blogs. Oddly enough I’ve been surfing the rolls over at the House lately, mostly because I’ve hugely dialled back my facebook participation!

    Facebook and blogs bring different things to gamers I reckon. Facebook is good for organising events and meet-ups – something blogs aren’t naturally suited to. It’s also good for sharing photos and the sort of quick, in-the-moment conversation which used to happen a lot over at the House back in it’s heyday.

    Blogs are much better for well-thought-out pseudo-journalistic articles. It’s a sad but true thing though that the TTG community just can’t sustain as many bloggers as there were, doing those sorts of articles. I think it’s a natural recession.

    Some people will stick at blogging. I used to spend heaps of time on forums in the early 2000s, and a whole bunch of people, myself included, jumped on the blogging trend because it was better suited to what we were doing. The people left behind on the forums must have felt a bit like “WTH just happened? where’d everybody go?” For all I know they’re still there, with their rep-points and their sigs.

    The House was different though, I admit. For us regular denizens anyway. For better or worse I think we really got inside each other’s heads, and for a brief time it was this weird international land of peace, understanding and fun, the way the internet is supposed to be. That sort of intensity can’t last though. I can understand you and Thuloid’s heroic efforts to bring it back, and I miss it too sometimes. Lo hasn’t pulled the plug yet, which means she’s probably torn about letting go as much as you are. It’s actually costing her money.

    Anyway I’m away pretty much away from FB like I said, but I’d be happy to talk about the fate of the House and whatever right here 🙂 I have a lot more time since I turned off the news feed.


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