Sono Pazzi Questi Romani

Cedric’s most recent article over at The House of Paincakes (Da House under my Realms of Interest tab) reignited an interest in ancient history, particularly regarding ancient Rome. Sadly over the years I’ve never had much time to delve into ancient history properly despite a few books on ancient Mesopotamia and one or two on Vikings. At the very least, I enjoyed reading the Asterix comics my Grandma had at her place when I was a kid and loved the indomitable gauls and the name puns. Oh god the name puns.

Once my last exam forever is completed on Wednesday, I’ll endeavour to read through the multitude of ancient history books I have sitting around the place. A dodgy memory puts this ‘multitude’ at ‘around 20 or so’ covering Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, Medieval periods and some Vikings thrown in. I do feel woefully ignorant on this part of being a member of this Genus (only extant species of Homo represent!) though to my credit I’ve made a few albeit brief forays into learning more about our ancient cultures and how they dealt with the existential existing of existence. Apparently that last sentence contains no obvious grammatical or spelling errors. Weird.

Moving on, this is an interesting time for me as long delayed surgery happened and I’m almost a month into recovery and that in a rather odd turn of events, I find my interest in sci-fi and fantasy waning in favour of ancient history and steampunk. The latter of course, is to do with Malifaux being steampunk in nature and that magic can quite happily coexist in such a setting. I’m honestly not sure what spurred this change in thinking though I’m suspecting it’s an age thing and that time is becoming more precious to me, leading to gaming taking a back seat. As I type this I’ve just had  good one hour binge session of Skyrim but that’s pretty much it for the week- progress can be saved and resumed at a whim, so there’s no need to keep playing all the time. It’s enjoyable, but only in small doses.

Getting it back to ancient history, it turns out my little bro is keen for some Broken Legions as he’s an ancient history fan as well (though he’s more of a medieval buff) though he may prefer ancient Greeks rather than Romans. Did not even have to convince. I’ve already gotten a box of Caeserian Romans, which are Late-Republican Romans and a surprise was that the miniatures do not come with bases.Very much outside the norm of what I’m used to!

There’s plans to meet up with two HoP folks at Cancon 2017 in January so depending on what time I get there (work won’t let me have the 27th off for a 4 day weekend) but hopefully can get a game of anything in with them over a beer/drink/whatever. It’s going to be awesome to meet people from the internet in real life. Might…consider Saga in the future too if Cancon allows for some gaming (there are Romans and Huns in the new book thingy According to Thuloid). The rising interest in pseudo-historical gaming must be an age thing. Truly it must. I’ve already resolved to have one last, final downsizening and clear out everything that has been sitting around doing nothing. Every half-done project, every “one day I’ll use this” mini and so forth that doesn’t light a fire in my hobbying heart will go. That will go towards funding something, perhaps essentials or just allow for the occasional theatre ticket, etc. Plus I won’t have a plastic mountain of things to paint or get stressed out/demotivated by looking at it. Between Malifaux and the odd historical-esque game there won’t be much time to play anything else, more so when I hit my final semester. Gonna be a headless chook in that 13 week period- I need to find old assessment pieces to prove competency in my degree, or something to that extent which requires the hoarding of old assessment items.

Another ‘oh shit I’m getting old’ post brought to you by

The Warlock


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