Hobby resolutions for 2017

First off, belated Christmas wishes regardless of whether you celebrate or not! Days off at the very least (3 day work week!)

Given that there’s one week left until 2017 rolls in, I thought I’d put forth a few hobby goals/plans for the coming year. Given that it’s going to be a busy year with up to 2-3 months without any income (internship, thankfully not as a HoP intern), I gotta cut back on accumulating things and making 2017 the Year of the Paintbrush.

So far, I’ve made a few plans in regards to hobbying next year- There’s Cancon in January where I hope to meet some friends IRL and get my teeth kicked in/out/shaken all about in a SAGA tournament. Should be a blast though I’ll need to try and get some kind of experience in before hand. Come March there’s the pro-painting course with Meg Maples which I really can’t wait for. I’ve been in the hobby for a decade now and it wasn’t until mid 2015 that I really wanted to make any noticeable painting improvement. If I’m truly honest, I doubt I made any real improvement until this year, when I got into Malifaux. The detail on those models is incredible and I had to up my game to do them justice.

Speaking of Malifaux, the backlog there is considerable but should be whittled down piece by piece. A new FAQ dropped a few days ago and one of my Masters, Lucius, gained so many buffs that he’s probably going to be the go-to master for a while. I was planning on going Guild or Outcast in the new year anyway, I just know now who to field. Gotta get round to making/painting all the terrain for the game too. Given placement shifts are 0600-1400 or 1400-2200, I might be able to attend Wednesday night gaming. Hopefully; there is a rather large assessment piece to complete concurrently.

On another note (or an-other side), I’m backing Wyrd’s The Other Side game as it looks cool and 45 minis isn’t too much- especially when most are on bases of 3. The fireteam bases are 80mm plinths essentially, which house 3 30mm depressions for 30mm plug based infantry to go in. My first thought on seeing this was “Diorama bases!” which has been a major selling point. Another selling point is that I’m a sucker for Malifaux fluff and I’ve been wanting to know what’s been happening Earthside for a while now. The Other Side won’t ship til Dec 17, so plenty of time to hobby in other things. SAGA: Aetius and Arthur, is one of these things. I’m a sucker for Romans, damnit.

Not only that, but I’ve made a first tentative step into canvas acrylic painting- nothing serious, just a colour wheel and a greyscale but I definitely need to put decent acrylic paints on the birthday wish-list. Plus, y’know, books on the subject. Gotta figure out how to use whatever it is I need to get.

Regardless, it’s late here, so enjoy your holidays and have a safe and happy new year.




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