Ice ice baby

Painted minis straight off the bat for 2017! It’s also 40-odd degrees Celsius here. Hope you had a happy and safe end of 2016. Minis in question are the old metal Rasputina set. TRUE STORY: I kinda wanted to get some Malifaux minis way back in 2014 as I liked the theme of Ice constructs plus the box art for Raspy’s 1e/1.5e box looked cool. Didn’t though and had to scour ebay last year to find this. Took me so long to get into Malifaux because of poor explanations sadly. Got the idea that there was no terrain and that minis were largely irrelevant due to it being card based. Ha.

Oddly enough I’m wanting metal minis these days due to being single pieces usually and less of a hassle to strip moldlines off every. single. piece.

Anyhoo, minis!

No idea why Raspy is sideways and am far, far too lazy to change it. Humidity is a killer.

Take it easy,


5 thoughts on “Ice ice baby

  1. Totally agree about metal models. So much easier, and the poses are often more natural I find, due to them being sculpted as a consistent piece by someone who generally has art training, rather than stuck together by the hobbyist themselves. I’ve definitely seen more than a few uncomfortably squatting space marines with impossible arm angles in my time šŸ˜€

    Just got back from a holiday in Inglewood in south QLD, it was 43 degrees on one of the days! Bloody “sunshine state.”

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    • The poses are usually limited but can also be more dynamic due to being one piece and so on. It’s what I like about Malifaux minis- the sprues are undercut in such a way that everything feels natural and flows from piece to piece. It’s the damn mold line removal and tiny bits that frustrate! šŸ˜›

      43 degrees has been the norm here for a bit, apart from thunderstorms and overcast days. It’s insane some days, I tell you what.


      • They do.

        A lot of WM/H miniatures overhang their bases to such an extent that it is impossible to place models in melee range of each other, or to do so without creating position anomalies which skew the careful millimetre-precise dynamics of lane and line management and provoke SLOPPY PLAY and –


        Anyway. That’s why the proxy base has taken off. I know someone with an exquisitely painted Khador army who lines his battlegroup up at the edge of the table and then plays the entire game with proxy bases, because there’s no other way to administrate Karchev’s ‘Tow’ spell with the accuracy the player base demands.


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