Malifaux: It’s not easy being green.

Over the Xmas/New Years holiday period, I received the gift of minis from my little bro, and hot diggity! It was some malifaux goodness! On the downside, it was for the Resurrectionist faction. His reasoning behind not getting something for the other 4 factions I use was “You work in a morgue” (which is blatantly untrue, there’s a distinct difference between morgue and histopathology lab but try explaining that to him).


Good golly, miss Molly! Turns out there’s no henchman in the box for her (Phillip Tomber), so gonna need to convert or sculpt one. On the plus side, there’s a rogue necromancy in box! Score! These things are a right pain in the arse to fight against. Especially in a Marcus crew. >.> They are evil, evil I tells ya.


So shortly after the 25th, I joined the ranks of the resurrectionists T_T with a metal crew box for Molly. I found out where he got it from online and got myself the totem and some summonables. If I’m gonna be pressured into this necromancy thing, I may as well use all the resser models I have.

Currently this is:

  • Bete Noire, gift from Charles (I sent back an Arcane Effigy in return. Mini exchanges, feelsgoodman)
  • The University of Transmortis (out of faction hires for Sandeep- Academic/Horrors)
  • Anna Lovelace (Freikorps)
  • Guild Autopsies (out/in faction hire by Tara)

Since Molly has 2 methods of summoning, both being limited upgrades, I’m gonna go with and stick to the horror summoning method as the crooligans in box are horrors as are guild autopsies and the transmortis peeps. Already lined up the rest of the horror keyword models which are punk zombies, rotten belles/dead doxies (can be summoned without the upgrades, the methods just increase the summon pool) and the drowned. Also got the Wave 2 arsenal deck for all the cards needed.

Having painted up Rasputina’s crew less than a week ago, I may field individual masters rather than sticking to a faction this year. Oddly enough, I can’t wait to field a summoning master who doesn’t rely on declaring 1/2/3 spiders before using stones for tomes and such. As with all masters, there’ll be an adjustment period in getting used to how they play. According to Molly’s card, she has Black Blood, so that’s a good sign. Given how I went 9-10 (loss) against an opponent with Lilith most recently (could’ve gone for 10/10 but it wasn’t worth banking on a turn 6), it’s time to switch it up a bit.

Might have to ask good ol’ Uncle Von about necromancy.

-The Warlock


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