A’Spiring of Dawn: The Warlock invades the Mortall Realms

So after writing a shitty rant when it first came out, then slowly warming to the idea, to slowing wanting to play, I finally got into Age of Sigmar through the Spire of Dawn elves/Aelves/Aeioulves. It is a helluva lot more fun than WHFB ever was, besides the hilarity of orcs. There was fun, slaughter and impossible dice rolls which left me leaving stoked and wondering why I ever left dice games. Today, the Dice Gods welcomed back their wayward child with open arms with the threat of crappy rolls, but not today.

My forces were:

  • High Warden on Griffon (henceforce shall be named Mittens, in accordance with Huge Scary Monster Naming Law)
  • Archmage
  • 10 swordmasters
  • 10 spireguard
  • 5 reavers

Versus Stormcast Eternals:

  • Relictor Banner Dude
  • Dude With Lantern
  • Dude with sword, hammer and hammercloak
  • 3 Prosecutors
  • 5 Liberators
  • 5 liberators
  • 2x 5 of the new infiltrator dudes

Surprisingly Stormcasts are cheapish, and definitely are Eternal. I learned that the Swifthawk elves are FAST. Like, LUDICROUS SPEED FAST.

Seriously, probs even faster than that

At 14″ move with the reavers and 16″ for the Warden on Mittens (at full health) one can seriously bring the pain and bring it fast. The battalion ability from Spire of Dawn allows a unit with 16″ of the High Warden to make a move in the hero phase, effectively doubling a unit’s move.

Seriously though, did I mention they’re fast?

Given the typical elf move of 6″, daaaaaaaaaamn. They can dish out the damage too, with my High Warden charging the 3 prosecutors (winged dudes, unsure on name) and forcing the last survivor to flee once both him and my reavers took pot shots. In turn 2, the Warden was ganged up on something fierce, but the Dice Gods allowed me to use some of the saved-up luck from over a year of not rolling dice. Mittens couldn’t hit anything with her beak attack, but them’s the breaks.

Stormcast can take the hits, really they can. The fixed hit/wound rolls are nice as there’s no mucking about with charts. Also sword masters could use the free move as they are 2 attacks chasing 3’s to hit and wound, with rend- basically a save modifier. They’re also fairly durable with the bulk of my army, mainly reavers and the spireguard falling to a stiff breeze. Mittens and the High Warden made so many saves it was awesome. Turn 2 looked something like this:


The spireguard camp an objective (bottom blob), Mittens is surrounded, top right, the reavers picked a fight with my opponent’s general, the mage sits there casting spells and the swordmasters pace themselves and walk up slowly. Definitely need to keep them close to the warden, as they need extra speed and can reach the scrum thicker. THERE WAS NO BATTLE IN THE CENTRE OF THE BOARD AND THERE WAS NO GIANT COMBAT ANYWHERE. INGEST A PHALLUS, THOSE WHO HATE. Hey look, I came around, so whatever.

While people criticize the 4 pages of rules, AoS borrows from Malifaux and has the depth on each warscroll. So it might look like the size of a puddle, but that puddle is several kilometers deep. Gonna put paint to Elf and get some more Elves to bulk out the force. I’ve never had anything quite like this army before in that hit+run is a playstyle outside of ‘run up and hit them’. It’s good fun and damnit it felt good to be rolling dice again.


2 thoughts on “A’Spiring of Dawn: The Warlock invades the Mortall Realms

    • The latter, does a ranged attack- it’s sort of a villainous sweep of a cloak that launches D6 hammers at you. We shall finish this…another time! *Cloak sweep* THUNK!

      Also, and I don’t know if I mentioned this, but the Elves are fast! šŸ˜›


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