A’Spiring of Dawn: Painting Woes,

So I burned out quite fiercely on my chosen scheme for my Swifthawk Agents. The pastel purple just didn’t “look right” when I started doing the metallics. So, gonna strip them and re-do using a scheme taken from the 6th ed high elf army book- Jade green.

My main problem seems to stem from wanting to do the main cloth in a colour other than white, leaving that for the secondary cloth colour. This is almost as daft as building a castle on a swamp (Note: Make swamp castle board for AoS sometime in Future). It’s kinda sad in a way that I get stuck on this part of the hobby. I enjoy painting but if the colour scheme isn’t right I’ll fizzle quickly.

So, I’m gonna get some isopropanol from Bunnings as that strips paint, primer and all (or so I’m told) and re-do them all. In the meantime I’ve a second lot of SoD Aelves I can assemble/use as test minis for this new scheme.

The scheme for now is:

  • Prime white (or black, currently undecided on this- black makes them seem more Druchii-like and I’ll get the white cloth done with VMC deck tan, white means more trouble with the armour)
  • Basecoat secondary cloth (ie: lining, etc) with Incubi Darkness
  • Layer with Kabalite Green
  • Highlight sparingly with 50/50 Kabalite/Sybarite green

As for the spireguard shields, which really caused clashing with the purple, they’ll be done mimicking the typical seaguard colour- white sky, green water, red serpent.



5 thoughts on “A’Spiring of Dawn: Painting Woes,

  1. You know something that might benefit this colour scheme you’ve chosen? Grey primer/undercoat, rather than black or white. I’ve used it a few times when I had nothing else around and it’s pretty good when you have large areas of white and metal on the same model. The white comes out better over grey than it does over black, and grey with a thin coat or wash of black pretty much looks like metal.


  2. …wait. You said you’re NOT using white as a main colour. This is exactly what happened to me earlier in the week over at Von’s blog. I read, yet I did not understand. That’s a bit worrying. I’m sure I can too read goodly!

    Ah well at least the suggestion still stands. Can’t go far wrong with grey.


    • Hey James,
      My mistake was using a different colour (pastel purple) as the main cloth colour instead of white. If you take a look at most of the HE image on the net, most if not all have white cloth mains with variation through secondary cloth colours.

      I’ve got the spireguard in the 100% isopropyl alcohol to soak, so I’ll see how they are in the morning.


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