Lost and Damned Part 0: The Sending of Seven

Now that Shadowaaaghs Armageddon is out (and sold out) everywhere, hopefully more rumours come to light regarding the Death Guard release which is pinged for late April/Early May. I’m determined to slow-grow this army like I did with my dwarf one, so many years ago. I did find this gem by Good Ol’ Uncle Von which does have a well thought-out approach to an army, Stillmani style. Having the new kits be expensive is going to be a given, so it should hopefully curb the “I must buy the entire army naow” mentality that’s been pervading wargaming these days. Scale that shit up, yo. It’s the beauty of age of sigmar- you can have a regiment box each and still have a game. Also worth noticing is that a unit of orcs will still be as effective whether the size of the game is 1 unit, 1000, 2000 or even 5000 points.

Moving onto pre-planning this force:

While my No Chaos policy in AoS stands, Chaos marines > Regular Marines. Nurgle also out of the big 4 actually cares about his followers. Instead of treating them as puppets or expendable, Nurgle takes a good deal of interest in his adopted children. Why the Death Guard though? I’m not sure, as there’s been sweet feth all fluff in the HH series aside from Garro on Istvaan III.

As of the current rumours, there’s at least 4 kits- Death Guard Marines/Termies/plague cultists and Morty.

Turn to chaos, Morty; The Emperor is lying to you, Morty

I don’t watch the show, but the opportunity was there, so I took it.

Breaking an army into 1000pt groups, or even 750pts leads me to think that a typical tallyband would be:

2x 10 man unit of Death guard

1x 5 man unit of Terminators

1×20 man unit of plague cultists

1x leader.

Then using further bands to add in things like Pestigors and vehicles if needed. As much as I want to race out and grab either SC! Chaos or the chaos half of DV, I’m gonna stick to the new, dedicated nurgle kits as the visual feel remains consistent…even if it’s a bunch of blobby dudes in olive green armour.

May should be fun,


4 thoughts on “Lost and Damned Part 0: The Sending of Seven

  1. Maybe you chose Death Guard precisely because there isn’t that much fluff? Sometimes I think the depth of fluff can be a bit suffocating. And sometimes it’s nice to have a basic idea that you can flesh out as much or as little as you want. In this case: “warriors seduced by Nurgle because their martial philosophy was all about resilience.”

    Looking forward to seeing your work!

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    • Part of it certainly feels that way, as I can easily implement my own Lords background. Perhaps he was there on Istvaan?

      Mainly keen on the models though as they look sick… in more ways than one. But also there’s a fact that out of the four chaos gods I’d go with Nurgle if undivided wasn’t a choice.

      Cant wait to see what.I do with them too! There’s a fine line between shitty painting and a good, dirty Nurgle paint job.

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      • I reckon you’re past the point where you need to worry about shitty painting 🙂

        The question is, how much can you loosen up to really achieve that organic Nurgle look?


        • Haha, thanks for the compliment re painting. Meg is a really radical teacher! Can’t recommend her classes enough!

          As for Nurgle schemes I’ll probably emulate the sorta cleanly painted armour then go to town on the flesh. Add water effects and such to mimic slimy skin and exudates, maybe some token rust but eeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh too much detracts from the whole picture. You’d end up painting on clutter as opposed to painting clutter already molded on

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