Shadow Wars: Armageddon- Chaos Warband!

Yo whaddup peeps?

I caved and got the SC!CSM box as I’m crazy about dreads so why not get a crazy dread, and some CSM to practice paint schemes on and get some SW:A action in while building the Death Guard army.

Going for a Death Guard breakaway force, and not DG proper as I can’t seem to get the green right on colour swatches/practice CSM. Anyhow, Zandri Dust –> Balor brown –> Agrax gloss wash makes a glistening, sickly yellow-brown armour. The gloss wash was a happy accident as I wanted regular agrax earthshade but y’know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Chaos, man, chaos. Anyhow, to keep with the space marine naming procedure in The <something or other>, I wanted to name them after their armour which is a sort of corroded brown as evidenced by this fine fellow:


I was thinking the “Rust eaters” again, or “Corrosion Lords” but settled on a name that quite literally takes the piss: The Micturators. Yes I have been re-reading the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Vogon poetry, eh?).

The name fits both colour scheme and nurgle dedication. Battlecry: Urine for a treat! Heh. I wonder if I can paint the squad then see if GW can show off them as I plan on using them in Shadow Wars, then having them as basic/veteran? CSM in a DG force, once the Sky-dawi have taken off again. #ALLthegrudges

Centre dude is going to be the unit champ in 40k, in SW: A, he’s second piddle, er, fiddle.
Cuz regular CSM heads are fer losers.
Blood for the…wait, I mean, um, Praise Nurgle!?

The blightking box is so awesome, 3 years on and I’m still finding uses for their bitz (and I got rid of all WHFB chaos too!) Might pick up a box in the future for Chosen DG marines. I dunno. Gonna paint them up and wait until the DG proper release hits.

Might get the snap-fit cultists so I have recruits but eh, the bitz box can provide. Maybe.

Have a safe and happy Easter/Ishtar everyone.

PS- PRO TIP: Piss off everyone on the roads this holiday season by driving safely and adhering to the speed limit!


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