Of placement, plastic and projects

My placement has come and gone, besides handing in all of my assessment pieces and proof of attendance. It was a bit of a mixed bag to be honest but I’m glad I got the hands-on experience and am now 6 months-ish away from finally graduating. No seriously- I’ve been studying since 2010. Initially went in for a Bachelor of Biotechnology, then swapped into Biomedical science, then I didn’t want to be shoehorned into research and found out about Medical Laboratory Science in 2012. I had to swap out of my current uni and into a different one, which took me to 2013. Add in a bunch of part-time years and here we are- a 25-year old still-undergrad but a graduate soon enough. Ha. The arc fatigue is real. On the plus side, I have plenty of experience in labs, just not much yet as a scientist.

While I’d rather stay with my current place of employment, I do very much want a scientist position ASAP after graduation and I’m hoping something comes up through work. Applications will be launched in every direction though, just in case nothing comes up. In any case, that’s an issue down the track, September/October-ish.

Best reason to buy the set? It has red dice. Red. Dice.

I haven’t done much painting or playing save for relapsing into MTG for a lark- most of my cards are going to be current until Q4 2018, so I can on/off this for a bit, considering 40k 8th is about to hit, as is Twisted. I’m going to get the new 40k starter, as the rulebook by itself will most likely be expensive by itself and to be honest, both sides look neat. The bloat drone and Interceptor marines look pretty sweet. That, of course, is a bit of a problem as by swapping one of the sides, one must decide whether “For the Emperor!” or “Death to the False Emperor” is the appropriate battlecry. It’ll most likely be the last mini purchase for a while as I need to paint the backlog. Most of the local 40k groups are going to swap one half of the set for the other, and leaked sprue pics seem to have each side on their own sprues.

Cute -and- disgusting!

The debate is whether the Adeptus Restartes are the better choice over Legio XIV. The drone, as mentioned, looks cute as hell (for a daemonic machine of deadly disease) but the astronaut vibe from the interceptors is a real draw. On the chaos side, one would end up with 62 minis (most of which is CC/short ranged and horde-ish) as opposed to the 44 of the Imperial side (which seems to have minimal CC ability and is MSU-is). Being able to make a force from 2x one side of the set, plus random minis lying about would be a bit of a challenge, but one that would be rewarding. Transports be damned! Back in my day, we had to build our own drop pods out of stone! Uphill! In the snow! And they could only fit 10 marines if 6 of them held onto the outside!

Moving on from that, I’ve got two weeks off work to recuperate from placement as I became pretty burned out during it (4pm start, 1:30am finishes for about a month out of 3 months). I’ve started organizing the beginnings of a gameboard- I just need to get the MDF base and some XPS and construction can commence. This’ll happen around this Friday, as all of my placement assessment is due on the 2nd of June and I am required to submit everything in person. Most of the stuff has been sitting around for a while and I’ve been meaning to do this since 2013 due to being inspired by other projects (curse you, Bush Craft, if you’re still out there).

It’s going to be modular, to reduce weight and to allow for fixed terrain that’s able to be swapped in/out and rotated to create more varied boards. Another thing is that with fixed terrain on a modular board is that consecutive games can be ‘flow-on’ from the previous match. If there’s a central fountain in the middle of game one, game two can move that over by one foot and the new board has a fountain to one side, some buildings and the new area added in is a bunch of alleys. I think a 4’x4′ divided into 4x 2’x1′, 4x 1’x1′ and 1x 2’x2′ should give enough variation to a 3×3 board pulling double duty for both Malifaux and Twisted, if the latter takes off in QLD. I hope it does, as the minis look fantastic and the game-play looks solid.

Take it easy,


5 thoughts on “Of placement, plastic and projects

    • XD yeah I add -ish onto a lot of words to implicate an estimated or rough guess. It’s to show I’m not sure on dates/nothing is set in stone. I know I graduate some time in Nov-Dec, but which month and what date is not known at this point in time.

      If I went Loyalists, Blood Angels or a BA successor. Maybe Imperial Fists, though I’m leaning towards the chaos side. As much as I want to remain loyal to the Emperor, this Horus fellow makes a good point. πŸ˜› One thing that puts me off the Primadonna Marines is the amount of edge highlighting. Ye gods.


      • Ha ha yeah, edge highlighting – just don’t do it boys and girls πŸ˜€

        Blood Angels are cool I think. Imperial Fists… I like their lore but I just can’t get behind a bright yellow army. Except for da bad Moons of course.


        • Yup, blood angels are awesome. I’ve made a decision though and am gonna go with the chaos. Marines seem more.popular with the local group and the death guard won’t need as much edge highlights!


  1. Heya Mr. Warlock! I was thinking of you the other day, because you might recognize this Tanky-type that I painted up recently. It had been sitting on my shelf for too long, and I snapped. πŸ™‚



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