Excommunicate Traitoris: Poxwalker WIP

This Saturday just gone, I picked up my copy of Dark Imperium and promptly swapped the primaris side for more Death Guard goodies. I’m not sure how I feel about painting up 40 poxwalkers, but 20 seems at least manageable and I am actually enjoying painting them up 😀

The recipe thus far is: Prime White


  • Mix 50/50 Rakarth flesh/Dwarf flesh and basecoat
  • Wash with Athonian Camoshade
  • Wash with Agrax Earthshade
  • Dilute layer of Ryn Flesh
  • 50/50 Ryn Flesh/Ogryn Camo


  • Straken Green (all steps after this are as thin layers, with emphasis on thin)
  • 50/50 Straken Green/Ryn Flesh
  • 50/50 Ryn Flesh/Ogryn Camo
  • Ogryn Camo
  • 50/50 Ogryn Camo/Ice Yellow
  • Final highlight of Ice Yellow


  • Glaze over flesh with 1:1:1 Ryn Flesh/Warlock Purple/Xereus Purple
  • Fine Highlight of 50/50 Ryn Flesh/Warlock purple

I might sell off or trade away the other 20 poxwalkers for more plague marines/another bloat drone. They’re fun to paint, but a bit too detailed to be rank/file horde troops. Nevertheless, I’ll prosecute the Long War regardless!


6 thoughts on “Excommunicate Traitoris: Poxwalker WIP

  1. Nice! He looks suitably hideous and I like the overall yellow rather than green – they’ll look good next to Death Guard.

    And as a Guard player, I feel your pain re: painting hordes of detailed guys who only ever stay on the table for like a couple of minutes.


    • Yup! The Vectorium (that’s what they’re calling DG breakaways these days) is called the Micturators for a reason, so yellow is going to be kinda prominent. I’m going to see about getting the Zandri Dust spray as that’s the base for the armour and speeding up painting is a win.

      I’m having a blast though painting the poxwalkers, but they seem just a little too detailed/different. Sure, it’s cool as BAM! Scavvie gang if Necromunda gets re-released but damn, lemme finish them already XD


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