How to Construct a Wet Palette

Greetings Guardsman!

With the rise in Xenos activity and the return of the pitiful Traitor Legions, the Adeptus Administratum requires all regiments to capture images of these so-called threats. Such images will be used in future campaigns to ensure a constant feeling of Righteous Wrathfulness towards those who would trespass within the Imperium.

It has come to our attention that many regiments are woefully under-educated in this department. Fear not! The Schola Progenum has begun dispatching extra commissars to your battlefield in an attempt to improve morale and discipline.*

Learning to construct a wet palette is a vital skill that all guardsmen should know upon entering the battlefield and can be done using even the most basic of Adeptus Munitorum materiel.**

How to construct a Wet Palette:

1: Obtain the lid of a container, be it from a ration pack, lascannon charge container or the hatch of a Leman Russ Battle Tank. Bullgryn Slab Shields are not recommended. Plastic container lids may suffice but fall under Battlefield Scrounging and/or Looting, which is a punishable offence.***


2: Obtain some sponge-like material to serve as the basis for the palette. Such items are commonly used in cleaning tasks, but in a pinch can also be ripped out from the interior of a suit of flak armour and cut to size.****


3: Hydrate the sponge-like material with Adeptus-Biologis approved water. If approved water cannot be obtained, the use of Xenos blood is an acceptable substitute.*****


4: Once the material is adequately hydrated, place a sheet of wax-lined paper over the top, which will hold paint and keep it from drying out on the battlefield. Do not attempt to retrieve this material from purity seals. Such an action is a) Heresy, b) Punishable by death and c) The Adeptus Astartes do not take kindly to the wayward guardsman.


And there you have it, Guardsman! A nicely constructed wet palette for you to use in your future campaigns!******

Thought for the day: Die for the Emperor or die trying.

*Studies indicate that the presence of a commissar on the battlefield increase morale by 32.7% Furthermore, additional studies indicate guardsman casualties increase by 67% but we believe this to be a baseless coincidence.
**Any attempt to alter Adeptus Munitorum equipment is a punishable offence.
***The type of punishment dealt is at the discretion of the regiment’s commissars. We trust their judgement.
****Removal of any part of your flak armour constitutes Wilful Destruction of Imperial Property and is as such, a punishable offence.
*****Such action may constitute Use of Xenos Technology and is, yet again, a punishable offence. Consult your commissar if you have any doubts.*******
******Future not guaranteed
******* You shouldn’t. A good guardsman never doubts.


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