The Sending of Seven, part 1: Micturator Blightbringer + poxwalkers done!

Well, someone’s been painting up a storm! “My Dudes” Death Guard vectorium (as they are called these days) are The Micturators. The name was chosen to take the piss and be humourous while also being a thematic name for a subgroup of the Death Guard.

Out of 62 dudes, 11 are painted with another 10 coming soon. Yeesh, that’s a load of dudes but hey, cultist plague horde! The expansion plan is to get a multi-part kit when it hits to fill out the ranks of 7 marines and also to fill special/heavy weapon options. There’s enough spare marine bodies lying around my bitz box to make some extra dudes should parts prove compatible.

On another note- I got out of the swifthawk agents for AoS 😦 Just couldn’t get a paint scheme I was happy with. Managed to sell most of it through a FB group but the two still-sealed boxes were exchanged at my nearest GW*. What were they exchanged for? Something in Index: Imperium I (The skittles book- The Rainbow Knows No Fear) as the DG release isn’t here and I wanted to offset all this Heresy. Plus the models looked neat and I’m an impatient git with poor impulse control. Also, so much stuff in 40k starts with ‘Death‘. Screw you, you can’t judge me, is what I’m trying to say.

No, I am a DEVOUT and LOYAL member of the Imperium

Ok, so maybe a little bit of judging, but as they say- There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt. A skycutter and some shadow warriors became SC! Deathwatch** and Index: Imperium 1, while a little bit of extra money went towards a DW rhino as those are sold-out online. Get’em while you can. So yeah, generic space marines might be picked up on ebay for cheaps, cleaned and sent to join the circus…I mean Deathwatch. Or the Death Guard, whenever GW decides to release them.

*Mt Gravatt in QLD, as the Brisbane one keeps moving further away from the train station. Also the Mt. Gravatt staff are nicer, which is a plus (going to Tiny Hammer some 40k there)

**You want death guard, but say deathwatch, and you don’t have the heart to correct yourself as the models are swish.


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