40k 8th: The Road to Ultramar

Today I experienced my first game of 40k’s 8th edition after painting up a moderate amount of my Death Guard. It was 1000points a side, or technically 999 (me) vs (997) opponent. I faced up against some Dark Angels consisting of 5 plasma devs, 5 assault marines, 5 termies, 6 bikers, a las razorback, a dread and Azrael. I ended up taking the DG side of Dark Imperium, plus 7 additional plague marines, with a meltagun to bulk points. It was a blast, it feels more smooth from when I left in the transition from 6th-7th and there’s less special rules to remember.

I can’t remember the type of match, but it was an objective take, with 4 objectives, relatively centre. I lost deployment and initiative, but given my units slow move stats…eh. Ha. Turn one saw my blightbringer cop a missile to the face but shrug it off – disgustingly resilient is disgustingly good. While my forces scrambled out of a killzone which was set up from the previous game involving orks and into some cover. This proved beneficial but dangerous, as one of my bolter marines bit the dust from a direct hit from the razorback in the next shooting phase. Remember to always use a mirror to check windows in a hostile environment, kids. The ravenwing bikers sped forth in an attempt to down my bloat drone, which in turn doused them in diseased goodness *coughcarbonemmissionscough*

My second unit of plague marines made for a second objective, while my lord of contagion camped a third. The poxwalkers ambled forward, losing 7 of their number to the bikers. I have no fucking clue to to boost their save – it’s 7+ -_- Anyhow, the bikers did their hit and run against the bloat drone, which just would not die! No seriously! Turns 3-4 are so nondescript because my opponent kept hitting, but failing to wound, or I’d make disgustingly resilient rolls while I couldn’t return in kind- partially due to short ranged weapons, but also being forced to hole up in buildings unable to advance. Plasma is hot. The terminators teleported in, but could not finish the bloat drone, which had been charged by the bikers, retreated and doused them again in flames.

In the end, I came out on top, 3 objectives vs 1+first blood. The blightbringer died failing a charge- must’ve tripped over all his censers, heh. My sorcerer died from plasma overdose but not before he stripped 50% of the dreadnought’s wounds. I killed 3 bikers, that is all, but hey, I got the objectives, so the Micturators have made successful planetfall onto one of the 500 worlds of the Ultramar system despite not destroying the loathsome dark angels.

From this first game, I realised I needed a) transports and b) ranged support as the death guard are slow and when your opponent has 36-48″ weapons, you can’t really dictate combat. Still, my dudes were survivable as all hell- even without a save, the poxwalkers have disgustingly resilient, which is kinda the same thing, but not quite as the plague marines et all have a save and DR. Also – more terrain or at least ensure there’s no kill zone lanes. Still, it was incredible fun and intense as all hell as I had hot dice on the defense, but rolled poorly on the attack.

I’m painting up a salvaged rhino (it was a BA rhino, then a predator, then used as a priming test subject then dunked in dettol and finally, pressed into service of the Dark Gods) to give me some means of delivering some pestilent warriors to the front.

In closing, 8th is fun.


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