40k 8th- The Fate of Konor: Week 1- The invasion goes awry

Since my last game of 40k went well albeit with a noticeable absence of ranged firepower, my second game went pretty awry. I played 1250pts vs necrons and my opponent graciously gave campaign points to Chaos, ensuring that my FLGS is just Imperial controlled. Just. Had this game on the Sunday just gone and failed to invade properly. D’oh

My list was skewed too far towards being an elite force-

Lord of Contagion
Malignant Plaguecaster

Helbrute (Twin-las, Missile launcher)

7 Plague marines (plague-sword/PF, plasgun) In Rhino (2x combi bolters)
7 Plague marines (Plasma pistol/ PF, plasgun, blight-launcher) in Rhino (combi-flamer, havoc launcher)

Fast Attack:
Bloat Drone

Vs necrons including a monolith, command barge, cryptek, doomsday ark (the upside-down troop carrier), 3 tomb blades and some lychguard. The monolith, coupled with some flunked saves saw my dread go down to 2 wounds. I also forgot the ‘crazed’ rule which allows me to fire back upon losing wounds.

Basically I got rekt, and rekt hard. Ha. I made many a tactical blunder but I need to add in some cultists or some cheap fodder, given how pox walkers are cheap, but slow unless Typhus is present (but I’m not a fan of special characters). So I might trawl ebay or something for cultist squads (or try and kitbash some using GSC autoguns)

So the Micturators are piss-poor at invading Ultramar. Hopefully they’ll drip with enthusiasm in the next few weeks (and where the hell is their codex, I might add O.o )


2 thoughts on “40k 8th- The Fate of Konor: Week 1- The invasion goes awry

  1. Have you been using power levels or points? I’m curious to see how power levels play, I suspect the lack of precision might make it a bit more exciting because there’s no illusion that you’re exactly evenly matched, if that makes sense.

    I’ve played mis-matched (by 500 points or so) games in the past, and discovered that it doesn’t make as much difference as you might think. So now I always chuckle a bit when I see people arguing that such-and-such a unit is over or under costed by a point or two. That’s giving a lot of credit to a system that I think basically gives people the illusion of equality đŸ˜€


    • Hey James! No, I haven’t given power points a shot yet but I feel like they should be more prevalent. The community seems to say that the PP are determined as an average of the cheapest and most expensive costs of a unit.

      I’ve also done a name change, as the Path of the Seer is done for me and I felt like a change. How’ve you been? I could chat over FB, but eh, I prefer blog comments for some reason


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