Social media and MOAR ramblings

Since the peak of wargaming blogging around 2013, various other avenues to blog, display and talk about the hobby have taken off. Chief among these are facebook and instagram. Since I started Peddler of Magic in 2015, I’ve been rather ambivalent on promoting my site and this is partially to due to not wanting to try and get internet famous via the hobby. Seriously, there’s a bazillion commission artists out there for mini painting and likewise for bloggers too. I’m not in it for the likes, I’m just here to hobby and type words onto a screen because writing about it is fun.

Recently I’ve become a bit wary of facebook as a social media device. Right now I use it to keep infrequent contact with family and friends across the globe. Additionally I use it to organise gaming through my local gaming store (ok, it’s not local, but it’s where the Malifaux was at and I know the people there) and as a secondary source of memes (reddit being the primary source). I also run Peddler of Magic over there too, though that’s mainly to have an avenue to easily share photos without having to upload everything on my personal feed. In light of all that, I’m a little concerned about how pervasive social media is in our lives- does everything hobby-related have to happen on FB/insta/tumblr/etc?

Part of the reason I’ve been thinking about this is the migration to facebook from other platforms. I’m part of around 6-7 different groups and I’ve stopped following most as seeing the constant barrage of super high-end stuff (and regular stuff) put a big dent into my own hobbying. Another reason is technology/social media addiction. There’s been some alarming trends towards people on social media pretty much constantly. I’ll point out here that I find it a bit ironic that the people who warned us of spending too much time on video games are addicted to smartphones and their like.

I’m debating about whether I should retreat away from facebook and keep in touch with people via email, phoning, skype and such. One immediate issue I see with that is that it’ll be harder to organise games of 40k/malifaux in an already woefully lacking social life. On the other hand, I’m a bit over facebook as it seems to diminish social interaction- why bother chatting in person when you can browse their page to know what they’re up to. One other option would be to try and get just messenger as opposed to both facebook and messenger. I’ll be shutting down the FB version of Peddler of Magic as it’s a little bit of work to run that and here, plus the constant “Promote ur page by giving us monies fer fake leiks” tips gives me the shits.

That all sounds a bit negative, doesn’t it? In other news,I’m kinda on top of my game this semester as it’s just assignments galore and I’m at uni 2ish days (I could go Wednesday, but eh 3-6 lecture and work at 6:30? not happening lol). I feel fucking stoked to be in the final semester. Not only that, but I’ve been exercising consistently and started going to the gym again. It hasn’t paid dividends in physical changes yet, but I’m, for the first time since 2010, feeling super confident. Like, who’d have thought that replacing anxiety with confidence would make me feel better? Haha. The exercise has also offset any fatigue from night shift- sure it gets rough some nights, but I’ve more energy during the day. This is a good thing as energy = productivity, which Gets. Shit. Done.

Tying into all that is that I’ve also become far more social at uni and am talking to people, sitting in groups and being a well-rounded human being as opposed to being a ‘grumpy loner’. This also is paying dividends as there’s this girl who seems pretty interested in me ^_^ She’s pretty cool herself but I think I’ve missed a few windows to ask her out (but you can’t really in the middle of a lecture). Still, this week I’ve resolved to rectify that (not in the lecture though). Ha, I’ve nothing to lose. That’s another positive in my life thing in my life at the moment.

All in all, this year has been so much better than 2016 (as it was predicted) and is getting better. Once I get close to graduation, I’ll launch resumes and CVs everywhere for scientist jobs, even interstate. It’ll be a bloody melee with everyone graduating at the same time but I’m confident I’ll land something. Hopefully work will have something by November as I’d like to stay there but would like to use my degree more. I do need to get through this semester first though! I have around 5 major assessment pieces, 3 of which are 3,000 word assignments. They must Voltron into a thesis, or something, like a power rangers megazord.

Have a good one,


PS: I changed my profile pic and username as I wanted to leave the grumpy, anxious and antisocial me behind. Plus I’m ‘on’ again in my on/off relationship with MTG, so there’s that. White/Green FTW.

PPS: I’ve got rec leave off for an end-of semester costume party ( halloween themed), so ideas would be appreciated given that I need to budget and there’s a time constraint.


4 thoughts on “Social media and MOAR ramblings

  1. Hey, Pete. As you know I can sympathise with the social media thing. I sort of feel like… blogging was a hobby for people who liked writing and having conversations online, but then social media came along and assimiliated all the other regular people (heh heh) by offering a sort of “lite-blogging” platform they could use without putting much effort in. And once nearly everyone is assimilated to a platform, it gets it’s own sort of gravity and pulls people from the older, less populated ones. That’s my analysis for what it’s worth. And yep, facebook constantly asking for money to boost your posts is extremely grating. I see it as a necessary evil for promoting my semi-pro art stuff, but there’s no way I’d manage an fb page for my hobby stuff.

    I mainly use messenger, not facebook. But it’s a problem. People who use fb all the time just don’t have time to be in message conversations with everyone – they expect you to know what’s going on in their lives and react in real-time. Which is unfortunate, I think it’s just a lose-lose situation. They really shouldn’t expect me to be on fb to maintain a friendship, but on the other hand I shouldn’t expect them to leave their facebook ecosystem just to talk to me. It’s a pain either way and one of us has to compromise, and that’s hard for busy (and often cantankerous) adults. It’s all Just As Planned by Zuckerberg et al of course. They want people to feel like they can’t be friends without an app mediating it.

    I don’t know about you but I’ve seen a lot of people becoming disillusioned with fb in the last year or so. The mood is lower. People barely ever click Like, when it used to be a social necessity. They’ll have to start giving people what they want instead of openly favouring advertisers, or they’ll start haemorrhaging users and there’ll be no-one to advertise to!

    I’ll quietly keep blogging and commenting, and there are others too. It’ll be like an old-fashioned social media. Good luck with the dating stuff 😉


    • Hey Jimmy,

      Blogging is fun- It’s a nice little insight into how the blogger thinks, and so on. A small window to the soul as with a blog post people can cast Wall of Text back and forth via the comments, or even as the post itself. You’re right in that Fb and other social media is a bit ‘blogging-lite’ though I do love reading through blogs and checking out their archives (something a bit difficult in the Fb feed or even on a timeline). I’m gonna go ahead and remove my FB page as, like you, I’ve been a bit disillusioned with Fb recently. As I said I mainly use it for organising games and y’know, memes. It feels way to commercialized and more than a bit pervasive. Still, it’s a necessary evil as MSN messenger died a few years back.

      I’m gonna need to find other blogrolls to add myself to as I think it’s just Thor’s Creative Twilight now. Still, I’m enjoying the hobby more than I have in years. I need to add Warp Signal to my blogroll here, I’ve got it added in my google account (from my pre-wordpress days) so I’ll patch that in soon. Props for using a blood angel pic too 🙂 For Sanguinius and The Emperor!

      Also, turns out she’s taken XD ah well, but you live and learn right? Nothing ventured nothing gained and it saves me wasting time. Ha, so rusty as this 😛 At least having (finally, for reals this time, but like, -actually- fer reals) gotten on top of the anxiety once and for all, I feel like I have options/can throw myself back out into that mad world.

      Random tangent- I filled 2 60L containers with books on Tuesday and I still only just managed to clear everything stacked on the floor. Future dwelling is gonna be Alexandria II, lol.

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      • Ha ha it’s actually a genestealer blip counter from the original Space Hulk. I scanned it years ago!

        Good to hear about the anxiety, it’s a beast. I got the characterisation of facebook as a “necessary evil” from Thor in a discussion at the HoP. I think it’s very apt.

        Anyway gotta go. And you should add Warp Signal! Also follow the @warpsignal account on instagram, I’m posting quite a bit. It’s #hobbytastic


        • Ooh nice, I wonder if I should prep some Death Guard termies for that (cuz Chaos uses space hulks, or in Nurgle’s case, space BULKs. I’ll see myself out). Will hit you up on insta and get round to stuff this weekend. Work’s been ungodly busy.

          The anxiety is a beast, one that hopefully has been put down for good. I seem to find that affirmations help and looking at things stoically. Reconnecting with an old friend next week too, haven’t seen or spoken to her in ages. Looking forwards to that and I’m enjoying the uptick in the social life 🙂 I think once I graduate and get into the industry (on day shifts) I should see even more of a resurrection of the social life.

          Also did you see? Necromunda is coming back! I’m gonna grab it and use the Goliaths. Beefslab of the Bulkhead Brawlers coming soon! lol


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