Here Be Dragons (and Kobolds)

In recent months I’ve been feeling far more social than I have in ages and have cracked open my copy of Super Dungeon Explore as diabolical plans need time to come to fruition. The aim is to host people for board games, laughter and merriment. You know, general social stuffs.

I’ve been sitting on this since 2014! And only assembled 6 kobolds and the heroes. 3 of which were painted, the others were primed. They’ve been dunked into the drink (drowning the adventurers, good or bad DM behaviour?) and am waiting for the isopropyl to do its thing. In the meantime, I’ve assembled the rest of the box and am starting to paint things! PVC though is a weird material to paint, and trim mold lines off. It’s awfully rigid stuff too 😛

Did you know: 1 in 6 Kobolds suffers from impotency?

A spear: A -long-, -hard-, -shaft- of -wood- which is used with a -thrusting- movement to  -penetrate- an enemies defenses. Cue George Takei.

Gonna paint that one looking at his spear- a wizard’s obviously rubberized it lol. 3 different types of primer later, every baddie has been primed and I’ve sped paint all of the non-boss dragon mooks today. It was a rough week so I gave myself today off before delving into assessment tomorrow.


I’ve also got an expansion coming in the post and have eyes towards the Forgotten King expansion, but for now the plan is to paint everything then host people. Also need to practice a bit of stoicism, as work’s been getting me down and well, next week is also going to be rough. On the bright side, extra money for Death Guard (or more Super Dungeon Explore).

Have a good one,



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