Of placement, plastic and projects

My placement has come and gone, besides handing in all of my assessment pieces and proof of attendance. It was a bit of a mixed bag to be honest but I’m glad I got the hands-on experience and am now 6 months-ish away from finally graduating. No seriously- I’ve been studying since 2010. Initially went in for a Bachelor of Biotechnology, then swapped into Biomedical science, then I didn’t want to be shoehorned into research and found out about Medical Laboratory Science in 2012. I had to swap out of my current uni and into a different one, which took me to 2013. Add in a bunch of part-time years and here we are- a 25-year old still-undergrad but a graduate soon enough. Ha. The arc fatigue is real. On the plus side, I have plenty of experience in labs, just not much yet as a scientist.

While I’d rather stay with my current place of employment, I do very much want a scientist position ASAP after graduation and I’m hoping something comes up through work. Applications will be launched in every direction though, just in case nothing comes up. In any case, that’s an issue down the track, September/October-ish.

Best reason to buy the set? It has red dice. Red. Dice.

I haven’t done much painting or playing save for relapsing into MTG for a lark- most of my cards are going to be current until Q4 2018, so I can on/off this for a bit, considering 40k 8th is about to hit, as is Twisted. I’m going to get the new 40k starter, as the rulebook by itself will most likely be expensive by itself and to be honest, both sides look neat. The bloat drone and Interceptor marines look pretty sweet. That, of course, is a bit of a problem as by swapping one of the sides, one must decide whether “For the Emperor!” or “Death to the False Emperor” is the appropriate battlecry. It’ll most likely be the last mini purchase for a while as I need to paint the backlog. Most of the local 40k groups are going to swap one half of the set for the other, and leaked sprue pics seem to have each side on their own sprues.

Cute -and- disgusting!

The debate is whether the Adeptus Restartes are the better choice over Legio XIV. The drone, as mentioned, looks cute as hell (for a daemonic machine of deadly disease) but the astronaut vibe from the interceptors is a real draw. On the chaos side, one would end up with 62 minis (most of which is CC/short ranged and horde-ish) as opposed to the 44 of the Imperial side (which seems to have minimal CC ability and is MSU-is). Being able to make a force from 2x one side of the set, plus random minis lying about would be a bit of a challenge, but one that would be rewarding. Transports be damned! Back in my day, we had to build our own drop pods out of stone! Uphill! In the snow! And they could only fit 10 marines if 6 of them held onto the outside!

Moving on from that, I’ve got two weeks off work to recuperate from placement as I became pretty burned out during it (4pm start, 1:30am finishes for about a month out of 3 months). I’ve started organizing the beginnings of a gameboard- I just need to get the MDF base and some XPS and construction can commence. This’ll happen around this Friday, as all of my placement assessment is due on the 2nd of June and I am required to submit everything in person. Most of the stuff has been sitting around for a while and I’ve been meaning to do this since 2013 due to being inspired by other projects (curse you, Bush Craft, if you’re still out there).

It’s going to be modular, to reduce weight and to allow for fixed terrain that’s able to be swapped in/out and rotated to create more varied boards. Another thing is that with fixed terrain on a modular board is that consecutive games can be ‘flow-on’ from the previous match. If there’s a central fountain in the middle of game one, game two can move that over by one foot and the new board has a fountain to one side, some buildings and the new area added in is a bunch of alleys. I think a 4’x4′ divided into 4x 2’x1′, 4x 1’x1′ and 1x 2’x2′ should give enough variation to a 3×3 board pulling double duty for both Malifaux and Twisted, if the latter takes off in QLD. I hope it does, as the minis look fantastic and the game-play looks solid.

Take it easy,

Shadow Wars: Armageddon- Chaos Warband!

Yo whaddup peeps?

I caved and got the SC!CSM box as I’m crazy about dreads so why not get a crazy dread, and some CSM to practice paint schemes on and get some SW:A action in while building the Death Guard army.

Going for a Death Guard breakaway force, and not DG proper as I can’t seem to get the green right on colour swatches/practice CSM. Anyhow, Zandri Dust –> Balor brown –> Agrax gloss wash makes a glistening, sickly yellow-brown armour. The gloss wash was a happy accident as I wanted regular agrax earthshade but y’know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Chaos, man, chaos. Anyhow, to keep with the space marine naming procedure in The <something or other>, I wanted to name them after their armour which is a sort of corroded brown as evidenced by this fine fellow:


I was thinking the “Rust eaters” again, or “Corrosion Lords” but settled on a name that quite literally takes the piss: The Micturators. Yes I have been re-reading the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Vogon poetry, eh?).

The name fits both colour scheme and nurgle dedication. Battlecry: Urine for a treat! Heh. I wonder if I can paint the squad then see if GW can show off them as I plan on using them in Shadow Wars, then having them as basic/veteran? CSM in a DG force, once the Sky-dawi have taken off again. #ALLthegrudges

Centre dude is going to be the unit champ in 40k, in SW: A, he’s second piddle, er, fiddle.
Cuz regular CSM heads are fer losers.
Blood for the…wait, I mean, um, Praise Nurgle!?

The blightking box is so awesome, 3 years on and I’m still finding uses for their bitz (and I got rid of all WHFB chaos too!) Might pick up a box in the future for Chosen DG marines. I dunno. Gonna paint them up and wait until the DG proper release hits.

Might get the snap-fit cultists so I have recruits but eh, the bitz box can provide. Maybe.

Have a safe and happy Easter/Ishtar everyone.

PS- PRO TIP: Piss off everyone on the roads this holiday season by driving safely and adhering to the speed limit!

Lost and Damned Part 0: The Sending of Seven

Now that Shadowaaaghs Armageddon is out (and sold out) everywhere, hopefully more rumours come to light regarding the Death Guard release which is pinged for late April/Early May. I’m determined to slow-grow this army like I did with my dwarf one, so many years ago. I did find this gem by Good Ol’ Uncle Von which does have a well thought-out approach to an army, Stillmani style. Having the new kits be expensive is going to be a given, so it should hopefully curb the “I must buy the entire army naow” mentality that’s been pervading wargaming these days. Scale that shit up, yo. It’s the beauty of age of sigmar- you can have a regiment box each and still have a game. Also worth noticing is that a unit of orcs will still be as effective whether the size of the game is 1 unit, 1000, 2000 or even 5000 points.

Moving onto pre-planning this force:

While my No Chaos policy in AoS stands, Chaos marines > Regular Marines. Nurgle also out of the big 4 actually cares about his followers. Instead of treating them as puppets or expendable, Nurgle takes a good deal of interest in his adopted children. Why the Death Guard though? I’m not sure, as there’s been sweet feth all fluff in the HH series aside from Garro on Istvaan III.

As of the current rumours, there’s at least 4 kits- Death Guard Marines/Termies/plague cultists and Morty.

Turn to chaos, Morty; The Emperor is lying to you, Morty

I don’t watch the show, but the opportunity was there, so I took it.

Breaking an army into 1000pt groups, or even 750pts leads me to think that a typical tallyband would be:

2x 10 man unit of Death guard

1x 5 man unit of Terminators

1×20 man unit of plague cultists

1x leader.

Then using further bands to add in things like Pestigors and vehicles if needed. As much as I want to race out and grab either SC! Chaos or the chaos half of DV, I’m gonna stick to the new, dedicated nurgle kits as the visual feel remains consistent…even if it’s a bunch of blobby dudes in olive green armour.

May should be fun,

Dwarfy McDwarfson: Painted Dwarf mini

Yo, whaddup. Picked up this guy a week ago, during a break in the painting class I attended. I think he turned out alright, and there’s a copy coming in a reaper mini order so I can use one for gaming/DnD and another for a diorama. Still need time to actually do some DnD, but uni has me busy with assignments. It’s a tad BS, but I guess I am postponing a lot of it/have only 4 hours in a damn day to do anything. Anyhow, I did download a few apps and made a dwarf ranger, to be represented by this model


Haggis (name not final), Dwarf Ranger

At lv1:
HP: 12
Str: 14 (+2 modifer) (+4 save)
Dex: 8 (-1 mod) (+1 save)
Con: 15 (+2) (+2)
Int: 11
Wis: 12 (+1) (+1)
Cha: 8 (-1) (-1)

Unsure on how that will go, but it feels right for a dwarf who wears a cloak of rats.


I am also planning on doing a bunch of LOTR minis in the near future, as they’re all cool as fuck. Not to mention the death guard once they hit. Or maybe not, depending on how 8th ed 40k pans out. Might funnel that cash into metal warham dwarfs. Or something non-hobby related. Should do something else I think, though other leisure time things include vid gaming and reading, so eh.

Also, I have a FB page mainly for my painting, it’s literally Peddler of Magic. Would like to spread the word on that a bit, while I feel like I should promote it, I feel at odds with doing so (in a kind of it feels wrong to self-promote). Anyhow, check it out and if you like what you see, like and all that jazz.

Have a good one,

The Warlock

AoS: New scheme is working/ stream of thought rambling.

I re-did the colour scheme for my AoS Aelves and I’m liking the jade green as a secondary cloth colour with white as the main. It contrasts with the white and breaks up the model, making the overall scheme a success in my eyes.

Trying to finish up 10 shadow warriors before moving onto swordmasters but here’s a what’s going on so far:



I’m using a fair bit of coelia greenshade but I’m pleased thus far. I know I said the same thing about the purple scheme but y’know, this is working. For real this time. I also went to replace my brushes and there were none of the kind I normally use so I’m making do with a few cheap synthetics at the moment. While they work well enough, I’m a discerning brush wielder! Non-synthetic or bust! Going to try and pop into a different store during the week but may as well order some Rosemary and Co. brushes online. There’s about a fortnight or just under until I attend a painting workshop so they need replacing. Truth be told I’m a little worried about the course as of late I don’t feel like I’m ready or at the level required. I guess one needs to do these things to improve.

Additionally I probably need to find a few more blog networks to add my blog to the roles. While I’m not concerned about likes/internet celebrity stuff I’d like at least to know that the utter drivel I type is eroding someone’s sanity, somewhere. Still kinda beating myself up over the House’s decline. It’s not my fault, not wholly but damnit there’s a shittonne of guilt. I still read the archived stuff every now and then, back when the monthly count was 20-odd posts. Part of it’s from nostalgia and part of it is to try and figure out when I actually decided to be a mouthy git on the internet. I can’t remember, but I think it was sometime in 2012. I’d like to believe that in 5-ish years time my writing skills have at least marginally improved.

Regardless, I’ve a huge as hell backlog or thoughts, ideas, projects and Things To Do that I should write up some kind of list. I’m time-poor at the moment, doing uni placement and also from night shifts. Hopefully that changes in June, when I finish placement. Gonna friggin’ graduate, finally! Placement was a long way off and then all of a sudden so very close. I did join a gym and am going to it, so that’s one strike in the ‘doing’ column. Getting into some sort of shape that isn’t “too tall to be fat but too flabby to be thin”. Currently off the top of my head, the projects/ideas/wants:

  • Not be single: Heh, this’ll take divine intervention but a man/fool can dream 😛 At least a date or two, shouldn’t be too hard, right? Right?! (haha, dem atrophied social skillz)
  • Make a gameboard or two- I ordered some dental plaster online back in January (post Cancon) and need to find time to cast stuff up, given how I haven’t used my Hirst Arts molds in some time. I’ve been meaning to do this for years and I need to approach it bit by bit, or obtain a job with holidays and use the holidays to be productive. Casual labour has pros and cons
  • Play some D+D- Wanted to, picked up AoS instead (properly, y’know, fer reals) and be a bit more social. I could totally be a berserker. Or a druid. Maybe a cleric and most definitely, a Warlock 😉 There’s a bunch of boardgames sitting unplayed too, so hopefully once I’m less time-poor…
  • Obtain new laptop/PC- This is a must for this year. I have no L key (just the touchpad) and firefox is turning off support for Vista. This piece of Archeotech dates back to 2008, so nearly a decade’s worth of service is really something.
  • Finish cleaning out unused/unwanted hobby stuff- I’m cash poor too, so it gives me time to paint the Aelves, play games with the faction and await the Aelf release to shoot huge wads of cash in GW’s general direction. The Skaven side of the Spire of Dawn sets is gonna hit ebay as I’ve enforced a ‘No Chaos’ policy for AoS. The End Times killed any chance of that due to happening so fast. Plus, filling out the skaven would be…expensive.
  • Obtain storage for models- I need a toolcase to stuff magnetised Malifaux away and something things safe between projects
  • Set up Vassal/get experience in with Wyrd Games: The Other Side playtest. The models won’t come until December this year but the postage isn’t much as the models are being made in Oz
  • Paint through the backlog- This is made worse through backing the Twisted kickstarter (the gentlefolk minis did it for me) and the order through Reaper I made to get ‘practice minis’.

There’s 4 minis in said reaper order (made back in Feb) I want to make a diorama for once I complete my painting course. There’s ‘Spirit of ‘ models so my idea is to make a circular diorama but have quarters dedicated to each season, but each quarter is it’s own diorama by itself. Think Voltron or something. I got those sculpts as they reminded me of the Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons game, in which you could alter the seasons at will to rescue the titular Oracle and not Zelda…unless you and a friend completed both Oracle games and used a game-link cable (this is before wireless) to join up for a secret quest, which ended in fighting Ganon to rescue Zelda.

I don’t play much in the way of videogames these days (and that’s another backlog thing to- play through both Kingdom Hearts Final Mix sets) but I do miss the 90’s through mid 00’s video game era. It was before the ‘graphics is the be all, end all’ circle jerk modern gaming has become and I miss sprites (those conglomeration of pixels that made up everything) and the 8-bit tracks. Maybe with all of the 90’s stuff coming back in vogue a bit, we might come full circle.

A’Spiring of Dawn: Painting Woes,

So I burned out quite fiercely on my chosen scheme for my Swifthawk Agents. The pastel purple just didn’t “look right” when I started doing the metallics. So, gonna strip them and re-do using a scheme taken from the 6th ed high elf army book- Jade green.

My main problem seems to stem from wanting to do the main cloth in a colour other than white, leaving that for the secondary cloth colour. This is almost as daft as building a castle on a swamp (Note: Make swamp castle board for AoS sometime in Future). It’s kinda sad in a way that I get stuck on this part of the hobby. I enjoy painting but if the colour scheme isn’t right I’ll fizzle quickly.

So, I’m gonna get some isopropanol from Bunnings as that strips paint, primer and all (or so I’m told) and re-do them all. In the meantime I’ve a second lot of SoD Aelves I can assemble/use as test minis for this new scheme.

The scheme for now is:

  • Prime white (or black, currently undecided on this- black makes them seem more Druchii-like and I’ll get the white cloth done with VMC deck tan, white means more trouble with the armour)
  • Basecoat secondary cloth (ie: lining, etc) with Incubi Darkness
  • Layer with Kabalite Green
  • Highlight sparingly with 50/50 Kabalite/Sybarite green

As for the spireguard shields, which really caused clashing with the purple, they’ll be done mimicking the typical seaguard colour- white sky, green water, red serpent.